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Strengthen Your Immune System without Supplements

We all know that supplements are an easy way to get one’s needed vitamins and other nutrients to support the immune system, but if they worked well more people would be taking them daily. We can strengthen our immune system without supplements. All you do is eat! Who doesn’t love that idea?

Eat Amazing Food

The basic building blocks of the immune system start at the stomach. The first level of digestion is when the needed nutrients begin to absorb in the stomach. Eat natural, healthy foods that serve as a fiber source when broken down. The first group of nutrients is Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Beta-Carotene (Vitamin A). Here are a few choices of nutritious foods that will give you a boost of these immune warriors.

Vitamin C

Broccoli and cauliflower have the highest amount of Vitamin C in case you don’t like orange juice or citrus fruits.

Image Source: Healthy Life and Fitness

Add boiled and drained broccoli and cauliflower to melted cheddar cheese (low-fat and in moderation of course), and you’ve got a Vitamin C explosion.

Vitamin E

Image Source: Healthy Eating Fan

Almonds have the highest daily value of Vitamin. Spinach, sweet potatoes, and squash also make a list. Spinach is also high in Vitamin C; eat dark leafy salads with almonds for a for a mega dose of Vitamin E boost (which is good for the skin too).

Beta Carotene

Have you always been told it is red and orange vegetables for beta carotene (Vitamin A)? Let’s explore some of the lesser-known sources of beta carotene that aren’t red! We all know that carrots, sweet potatoes, and beets are sourced of Vitamin A but sometimes red isn’t always best for everyone.

Image source: Wikipedia

Cantaloupe falls behind the first Reds but still, is very high in beta carotene. Other sources include spinach, kale, and apricots. If you put cantaloupe as your dessert with your spinach salad, you’ve just made a Superfood Meal for your immune system!

Beta Carotene, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E are the real Superfoods because they are the core needs of the Immune System.  To naturally strengthen the immune system try to use these veggies in your weekly snacks and meals.

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