Stop Waiting for Your Maybe Mr. Right

As humans, we wait for many things and events to happen to us. When we are little we wait for our very first day of school, then we wait to get in high school, and then our graduation. Then, we grow older, and we wait for acceptance letters to colleges and universities, then waiting for college graduation, then waiting to get a job, and it’s just an endless cycle of waiting. For some of us, waiting is just tiring, and we want things for us to happen now. However, for many people, there is one thing that we are sure to wait for, and that’s “the right one.” Or how some people would say “Mr. Right”.

Waiting Isn’t Always Easy

We are taught at an early age about “patience” and “waiting” and how your patience will be rewarded in the end. You grow up thinking that waiting for “Mr. Right” is probably one of the most romantic gestures that someone can give you. Reality check, it is not. It is like those fairytales you read where the princess waits for her prince to come and when the day finally comes her patience is rewarded. Continuing to an epic love story, they are bound to have.

You Don’t Need Someone to Give Your Life Purpose

In many cases, our time is spent wondering when the right person will finally come into our lives. No matter how great things outside of your love life are going, people will always judge you because you have or do not have somebody besides you. Moreover, because of other people’s opinion and constant pressure, you are waiting for your “right one.” You wait for them to complete the puzzle so that you can receive some justification from your peers. Also, thinking that having someone will fulfill your purpose and to give your life meaning. This is, of course, is not the case.

Do not Stop Living Your Life Because Mr. Right Hasn’t Made it Into Your Life

Do not think that your life is incomplete without having a special someone in your life. As much as you deserve to be rewarded for your patience and as much as you deserve someone who comes back to finally claim you; waiting for someone to come into your life is not worth it. Sometimes, patience is a waste of time.

Instead of Waiting for the Right One Become the Right One

Instead of striving to find the right person for you, maybe you should start striving to be the right person for yourself. Work to be the right person for yourself because then the right person will be drawn to you. What you need right now is you and only you. You need to embrace your happiness, and you need to stop waiting when you need to be the right one for yourself.

Invest in Your Happiness

If you are just going to sit around and wait for the right person to come, you are letting that thought take over your life and happiness when it shouldn’t. Invest in your happiness. You can be doing so many other great things other than wondering about this almost imaginary perfect person. Think of all the amazing things you could be doing instead of waiting. You could be out meeting the most interesting people, think about all the adventures you could take. The new memories you can make with your friends, and maybe along the way you’ll meet someone, and that would be the person you were waiting for all along.