Stop Splurging on These Beauty Products

Wanting  to look as good as possible while on a young adult budget is not easy. Fear not, there are great products for a shoestring or middle-of-the-road budget.

The Urban Decay Naked Palette series is the high standard for eye shadow, but there are so many brands that can replace this dream. NYX is the best alternative brand–it’s kind of like the high quality drug store brand.

NYX Natural is a small, purse-sized palette you can carry with you. The colors hold pretty well without being too overpowering, and at $7.50 in most drug stores it’s a great option.

The Dream Catcher Palette, also by NYX, comes in three different combinations of twelve shades. The shadows are not quite as deep as the Natural palette, so it’s usually a good idea to use it with an eye shadow primer, but there’s more variety and it’s still a steal for $15.

For a more complete look, the NYX Nude on Nude palette ($25) includes twenty neutral shadows and ten neutral lip glosses. This is the closest you can come to a Naked palette, in my opinion, for less than half the price. The colors are varied, some glittery, some shimmery, and solid matte, and all are great quality. A couple of the lighter colors require an eye shadow base to show up properly but this palette is certainly worth it.

Speaking of lips, if you’re looking for a new color with a little more than pigment, start with a Burt’s Bees Lip Crayon. Six different shades, ranging from a dusky pink to a deep red, are strong and long-lasting but also provide moisture for dry lips. It has an insanely easy application because you color your lips like you would color a picture–just fill in the lines. And, at only $9, it certainly is worth the purchase.

Let us know which product is your favorite below. Do you have any products you think should be added to this list tweet us @deliberatemag!

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