Stocking Stuffers

I always loved coming downstairs on Christmas morning to see what was in my stocking. Every year, my mom would put special trinkets and gifts inside. She would spend hours at unique stores to find these fun stocking stuffers to give us. Some of my favorites were, small gummy hamburgers, a small tea set that could fit a mouse and an owl timer for my future kitchen.

Now that I am grown up and have my own family, I kept wondering what creative things I could put in my husband’s stocking and where to find them. I went for a girl’s day with my mom just so she could show me all of her secrets. As I was searching, I thought I would take some notes so that I could share those ideas with you.

World Market was one of my top picks for stocking stuffer stores. They have unique ideas for the whole family. Ideas like, Razzles, candies nuts from Sweden, and chocolate from Germany. There were also wacky flavored sodas such as, swamp pop, bacon soda, and pickle soda. For the husbands out there, there was Jack Daniel’s candied nuts and hot pepper candies.

Another fun idea I found, is to put a foreign gift in the stocking. In Colorado, we have a festival every Christmas. It is called the Christkindle Market. There, they sell homemade gifts from Germany. You can find scarves, ornaments, beer steins, and so many unique homemade items that are ready for purchase. Check out your local town. Maybe there is a foreign market or Christmas festival where you can purchase homemade gifts like these.

As you are buying stocking stuffers, keep in mind that you don’t have to fill the stocking full of gifts only. It is okay to keep a certain dollar limit to what you want to spend. I think of it this way. The stockings are for silly gifts and little trinkets. Buy your loved one a coloring book with their favorite character on it or a pair of socks with cats on them. It is the fun and goofy gifts that make the stocking the best stocking. If you want to get creative, wrap all the little trinkets you found so that the person opening the stocking has to unwrap each one.

One last tradition my mom passed on to me was the tradition of the stocking orange. In the very bottom of the stocking, put an orange or tangerine. On New Year’s Eve, you eat the orange as a good start to the New Year; or even a healthier start.

What traditions or ideas do you have when it comes to your Christmas stockings?