Staying Motivated In A Stressful Work Environment

It’s hard to love your job one-hundred percent of the time. Whether you work in a corporate office or in customer service, the pressure is always the same; stay on top of your work, impress your bosses, and always go above and beyond what’s expected. The pressure to do well and excel can turn into a stressful situation for even the most organized person. There’s nothing worse than feeling that lack of motivation for your job seep in. With the holiday season upon us and everyone getting busier, staying motivated in the workplace becomes your toughest job. Here are a few ways to help you stay motivated in a stressful workplace.

Wake Up On The Right Side

Starting out with a positive attitude is the best way to start your day. Instead of waking up dreading your day, turn it around. Decide to have a good day and start out with a relaxing cup of coffee each morning. It helps to try to wake up earlier then you need to so you can cut down on that morning rush. I’ve found that the mornings I can take my time getting ready are the days I’m the most motivated. This, in turn, will help you avoid that look of disappointment from your boss when you inevitably run late to work.

The Smile Challenge

I was challenged by a former boss of mine to smile for an entire day to help lift the stressful mood I was in. He told me that by continuing to smile, it would inherently keep my spirits up along with my motivation.  Before I knew it, I was in a better mood. I said ‘hello’ to co-workers I didn’t often say much to and I got my work done quicker and more efficiently. When you find stress getting the best of you, take a deep breath and just smile. Try laughing a bit, too.

Take Five

I’m not talking about a five minute break, I’m talking about the candy. Take Five bars are my go-to candy. I love sweet treats. Plus, the sugar boost will do wonders for your motivation and productivity. Take time while you’re at work to enjoy a sweet moment. Whether your guilty pleasure is sweet or salty, make sure you’ve got a few ready in your desk or locker for those moments when you need to de-stress.

Leave Work At Work

Whatever you do, do not take your work home with you. This adds fuel to your already strong, stressful fire. Do what you can during your work day and leave the rest for tomorrow. Sitting on your couch, trying to do work while enjoying time with your family will make you less likely to get anything done and what you do get done won’t be your best work. Your employer will appreciate your work done to the best of your abilities the next day instead of sub-par at home in the evening. Make sure you have time every day to enjoy with friends and family.

Grab A Drink

Grab those work besties you have and catch the end of happy hour at your local dive bar. Get everything that went wrong with your day off your chest with a margarita in hand. Once you do that, just forget it. Don’t think of your stressful day again and look to the future. Just remember, that the people you work with experience the same stressful environment as you and are more than likely having the same kind of day. Let them know how you’re feeling, it’ll help you brainstorm for better days and vent together.


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