Staying Hydrated This Summer


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Summer has arrived and it’s time to let our hair down for some much awaited relaxation time. Being out in the sun all day can parch us if we’re not properly hydrating ourselves. Additionally, water isn’t the most appealing beverage to drink especially when we’re having fun, but there are some ways to drink water while still keeping that summer enthusiasm.

Alkaline Water

Bottled water typically has a pH of 0 meaning that is neutral on a pH scale. Alkaline water has a pH close to that of 8 or 9 meaning it is almost 100% pure water thus having health benefits known to keep the body hydrated longer than if you drink normal water. Incorporating one bottle of alkaline water into your everyday routine, especially during hot days, will keep you hydrated without having to consume multiple water bottles. You can find alkaline water at your local grocery store or you can even balance your water’s alkaline levels at home by simply adding sliced lemon.

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Coconut Water

Not only is coconut water delicious and refreshing but it’s great for rehydration. Low in calories and easily obtainable in multiple flavors, drinking coconut water is a great way to break away from consuming plain water.

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Fruit-Infused Water

Adding fruits like strawberries, lime, blueberries, oranges, etc. will not only make your water look pretty, but adds a nice taste to your H2O. It’s always good to get some natural sugars in your body, especially when you’re using up all your energy having a good time this summer.

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Flower & Herb Ice Cubes

Adding herbs that have a distinct flavor like mint, lavender, thyme, rose, and so on makes drinking water fun with its playful aesthetic. At parties and barbeques, elevating your water with infused ice cubes will impress your guests and keep them refreshed.

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Drinking water doesn’t have to feel like such a chore if you continue to make it fun. Now you’ll be able to enjoy your summer maintaining hydration while looking and feeling cool.

Let us know what you do to stay hydrated below!