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Staying Hopeful Despite Bad Headlines

Just this morning, while driving to work, I heard about another shooting in our nation. It saddens me that the world we live in is so prone to violence. People are afraid to go and have fun, in fear that there might be a shooting or their safety will be jeopardized in some way. But how do we stay positive in this world? What can we do in order to make sure that the darkness of our society doesn’t bring us down?

This is something I have struggled with often. I finally had to get rid of TV in order to not get affected in a negative way by everything that was happening. When I go over to a family member’s house, I often times will sit on my phone when they watch the news. But then I realized that being numb to it all and ignoring the horrors of this world was not the right thing to do. We cannot live in a world of violence and pretend that it doesn’t exist. No matter what happens in the world, living in fear and sadness will bring a harsh life.

Make the most of every opportunity in these evil days” NLT. Ephesians 5:15-16 NLT

So how do we live in a world of darkness without letting the world bring us down with it? If you need a break, take a week or two and go without the news. Granted, you will hear any kind of news by mouth or on other social networks such as Facebook or Twitter, but take away the main source.

Come back in a couple of weeks with a renewed heart. When you come back, pray about every negative topic you hear about. Always remember that the world is full of pain and darkness, and Jesus told us to be ready for it. However, through Him, we can find hope.

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