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How to Stay Accountable for Your Workouts During the Holidays

You’ve finally gotten into a groove with your workout routine. I mean, you’ve got it down to a science. You’re working out five days a week and then come the holidays. Let’s be honest. Everyone wants to be able to indulge and rest during the holidays. Because of all the delicious but not so healthy foods we love to treat ourselves with during the holiday we end up feeling even guiltier about not working out. So, what can we do to stay accountable for workouts during the holiday season?

Be Realistic

The reason why we find ourselves not sticking to our workouts during the holiday season is because we tell ourselves that we’re going to work out every day and do a million crunches to get rid of our Thanksgiving food baby. However, with all the things you need to do during the holidays and the much needed rest you’ll be taking, doing a hundred crunches on Thanksgiving morning just isn’t going to happen for most of us. You know yourself. So plan accordingly. Give yourself a break on the actual holiday. Spread your workouts over the week and make them manageable.

Schedule the Workout

Schedule your workouts and then set alerts or alarms on your phone. I hate it when I have something scheduled and it doesn’t actually get done. It’s harder to say no when your phone is reminding of you of the workout you’re supposed to be having. It also helps the people in your life keep you accountable. If your phone is going off, someone will probably ask, what’s that for? Then you’ll have to actually say you’re supposed to be working out right now and you’ll feel more of a push to actually do so.

Reward Yourself

Set rewards that you know will be great incentives. Tell yourself that if you work out, then you’ll get to buy that scarf you’ve had sitting in your cart all month. Just ten extra crunches and you’ll allow yourself to have that extra piece of turkey at Christmas dinner. Whatever the incentive is, make sure it’s something you really want. You could even ask someone in your life to keep you accountable. If you didn’t do the workout, then they’ll remind you not to get that extra slice of pie.

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