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Why You Should Start Journaling on a Daily Basis

How many of you kept a journal or some diary when you were young? Do you still keep one today? When I was younger, I would always keep a journal. If I filled one up, I went out and bought another. My journal was my best friend. It was a safe place for me to go to express my thoughts and feelings. Sometimes I would write random words or doodle in the margins. As I look back on it now, my journal was a way for me to develop my writing outside the classroom. It helped me develop a conversation style and a personal style of writing. I don’t keep a journal much these days. I have one, but I only write in it when I need to, or when I have things to say that I can’t say anywhere else or to anyone else.

Keeping a journal seems to be a thing of the past. I don’t know very many people who still keep a journal. If they do, they likely wouldn’t admit it. Forbes magazine discusses two important reasons why we should all be keeping a daily journal. The first reason is that journals reflect and shape our realities. We express our personalities through our language. Writing in a journal can also have a therapeutic effect. By writing what we are feeling at the time we are feeling it, we can begin to examine those feelings and work through them. A second reason to keep a journal is that journals enhance our learning and development. It helps us understand the world around us and helps us to focus on our goals and what we want.

The Huffington Post suggests that by keeping a journal, you’ll reap surprising benefits, such as:

  • Stretching your IQ
  • Bringing us into a state of mindfulness – it helps us focus
  • Achieving goals
  • Gaining emotional intelligence

Keeping a journal helps you to grow as a person. It can also help you make sense of things or issues that are occurring in your life as they happen. Even if you write once or twice a week, and even if it’s writing about the weather, journals become an outlet. They become that safe place for you to go when you feel as though you can’t go anywhere else. Writing in a journal also helps you to become a part of history. Think of individuals like Anne Frank. We only know her because of the journals that she kept and were found years later after she passed.

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