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Why You Should Start to Collect Vinyl

Lee Campbell

There is no argument that music has affected our lives in a way we can never explain. It makes us happy, sad, angry, and hopeful at the same time. It teaches us things about the world around us and the type of person we are becoming. While digital downloads are still the most popular way to get media, physical copies are still popular, especially vinyl. Records hold much more sentiment than a download of an album, and it makes the music more unique. Many people are beginning to collect vinyl; here’s why we all should.

Vinyl Gives Us a Better Sound

While digital music is perfect, it doesn’t capture the true essence of the band. A recording studio is a place filled with discreet noise that is edited out on digital. “Flaws” are removed to create the cleanest listening experience that is possible for the listener. With most vinyl, however, not much is edited out from the original recording. You get all of the nuisances of the record right when it was recorded.

It’s a Personal Experience

When we listen to vinyl, we are immersed in an intimate conversation with music. There are many different aspects to this discussion so that we will break them down into subcategories.


The artwork of each record cover is often different than the CD.


All covers include lyrics to the songs. CDs used to add lyric books, but it has been removed due to printing prices.


The covers often have handpicked photographs by the artist that don’t come with the digital copy.

Digital Doesn’t Exist

Most of our music goes on our phones, which is why digital sales are higher than vinyl. However, all you have with digital content is the digital content. You don’t get any experience other than the music, and although that is the point, there is a way around this. When you buy vinyl, you often get a digital code for the digital edition of the album. That way you can own the physical and digital copies and the full experience.

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