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How to Survive Your First Pregnancy

When you first see that plus sign or the word pregnant on that pregnancy test, your life has instantly changed forever. Although you are unable to tangibly see the little bundle of joy growing inside of you, you are now preparing for life as a mother. With that being said, there are some things to be aware of to survive your first pregnancy.

Be Easy on Yourself

First and foremost, be easy on yourself. You are growing a human being. This requires an incredible, astounding, and astonishing amount of energy. In addition to this, you are probably still living your life the same way by doing activities such as working, going to school, spending time with loved ones, pursuing hobbies, etc. However, pregnancy will hit you hard at some point, so it is best to be prepared for that now.

Rest and Relaxation

When you are tired, rest. Sleep now as often as you can. Lie down and put your feet up. Relax and take a vacation if you can. Do activities such as reading a book and getting an eye appointment that you might not have time for in the future. Pregnancy will bring fatigue within your first or second trimester, which will require you to make adjustments to your schedule.

Plan, plan, plan!

Plan as much as you can in the beginning. Think about baby names, the baby’s room, how you want to raise your child, what hospital you would like to deliver at, etc. However, be sure to give yourself enough time and try not to get overwhelmed. First, you must find an OB/GYN if you do not already have one. Make your appointment and get a check-up. Then continue exercising lightly if recommended and take prenatal vitamins.

Make Yourself Comfortable

Buy comfortable clothes for the first trimester (and second and third if you have the money to do so). Wear flat shoes although your feet may swell in ballet flats, and you may have to wear sandals. Drink lots of water and be sure to eat healthy as often as you can. Be sure to also keep snacks with you on hand as your appetite may continue to grow. However, if you are dealing with issues such as heartburn or morning sickness, keep crackers and Sprite on hand.

Finalize Your Future Plans

Have a hospital plan and have your bag ready by the beginning of the third trimester. Try if you can to rest more often, especially as your due date approaches. Once you go into the hospital, you will not be able to rest at all as doctors and nurses will be in your room constantly. Create a plan for who will watch the baby if you plan to go back to work after you have him or her. Will he or she go to daycare or will grandparents be available? Also, consider if you would like a pediatrician or a family doctor to care for your little one. Preparation is imperative and will save you unwanted stress in the future. By following these tips, your first pregnancy should be smooth and successful.

What are some ways you’re making your first pregnancy easier? Let us know below!

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