Spending the Perfect Day Indoors

Although being outside is great, spending the day indoors can be just as fun. Being inside has its benefits, especially if it’s burning hot or freezing cold outside. Instead of wasting time watching Netflix all day, broaden your horizons with these tips on spending the perfect day indoors.


Turn off the seven alarms you’ve set to your phone and enjoy those extra hours of sleep. You’re not planning on going anywhere so cuddle up and enjoy staying in bed. Of course don’t sleep for the whole day, but taking a couple more hours to do absolutely nothing will result in a rejuvenated body and mind.

Be Productive

Typically work is the last thing on our minds when we’re spending the day inside our air conditioned homes. However, finishing your work early will open up your agenda for more relaxation time in the future. Get those assignments done in advance, pay your bills before they’re due, and catch up on some work you’ve been procrastinating on.

Pamper Yourself

Paying extra attention to the body is something we don’t get to do on a consistent basis. Since you have the entire day, take couple of hours to pamper yourself. This is where you get to finally break out that spa kit you received for Christmas but never actually used. Take a nice long bubble bath, put on a face mask, and tune into your favorite movie while you relax.


If you’re going to be staying inside you might as well make your home prim and proper. Doing household chores doesn’t have to be boring if you play some music and get down while you sweep, dust, and wash. If you’re the kind of person that generally maintains a clean space, take on a bigger project and organize the parts of the house you neglect. Once your place is clear of clutter it becomes more enjoyable to be indoors. Once your space is clean, sit down and organize all the things you need to do for the month in your planner. You’ll be less likely to forget to accomplish things if you take the time to write everything down.

Try Something New

If you’ve been wanting to try something new but haven’t invested in it, this is the time to start. Want to start baking? Look at the ingredients in your kitchen, put on that apron, and bake! Not only will you enjoy trying something new, you’ll have treats to eat later in the day. The same thing goes with other interests. Try a new indoor workout routine, start reading a new novel, create a new hairstyle, and so on. Anything you can do that’s fresh will make you feel like you’re filling the day with rich activity.

Tell us how do you like to spend the perfect day indoors below!