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The Smart Way To Shop With Resale Apps

Nowadays, technology holds a very fundamental place in almost every American’s daily routine, which can sometimes make life seem a bit chaotic and overwhelming. With the amount of apps and information that are constantly at our disposal, it is easy to become wrapped up in social media, games, news, and so many more sources of entertainment that can be accessed in the palms of our hands. While this excessive accessibility has its pros and cons, I find there to be one particularly resourceful way to make use of technology: resale shopping apps. Vinted and Poshmark are just a couple of the many free shopping apps that I personally have made use of to purchase and sell clothing. There are many more, including Tradesy, Mercari, Threadflip, and threadUP. These apps are all free and are perfect ways to either clean out your closet for a little extra cash or buy name brand clothing for discounted prices. On these apps you can sell your used (or new) clothing for whatever price you like, and once your item sells they take a small percentage of your earnings and issue you a shipping label so you can send out your package.

There is a variety of benefits that come along with using these shopping apps. Personally, I love to bargain and negotiate prices with users when buying or selling clothing. It’s fun and obviously is not something that you get to do in an actual store. In addition, using these apps to buy your clothes is friendly to the environment and to your wallet. Each app constantly has new listings of brand name clothing which, even if they are in brand new condition, are almost always somewhat cheaper than the original price. Also, this method of buying clothes promotes the recycling of garments and textiles which is better for the environment than buying brand new clothing. If you’d like a more expanded description of why second-hand purchasing is more environmentally feasible, you should check out Felecia Searvance’s The Cost of Fast Fashion.

These shopping apps are also a great way to knock out your Christmas shopping, which I’m sure a lot of you will be doing soon if you haven’t already started! With all the great deals they have to offer, you just might be able to cut down your gift expenses significantly, which I know can get pretty hefty around this time of year. Also, if you’ve been wanting to clean out your closet you can always try selling your clothes on one of these apps to make a little extra cash and help fund all of that holiday spending. All of that being said, I hope this will help you all make the best of Christmas, which we all know is the season of giving, and I hope you can find that new pair of Uggs, Kendra Scotts, or that cozy J. Crew sweater you’ve been wanting on one of the apps I suggested!


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