Small Things You Can Do To Eat Healthier

Do you want to eat better? Maybe shed a few pounds in the process? Here are some easy ways to adjust your diet to help you feel better, drop weight, and feel amazing during the process. Here are small things you can do to eat healthier and start the New Year off right by working on the new you!

Check Carbs

The first thing you can do to eat healthier is to check your carbohydrates. Carbs use fuel before fat stores synthesize energy. You are never going to burn fat if you gorge on soda and candy because your body has plenty of sugar to use instead. Cut out soda and sweets from your diet. Losing excess sugar will help you lose unwanted pounds.

Fill Your Plate Correctly

A second method is to use the plate method. Fill your plate with one 4 oz. of meat, (the size of a deck of playing cards) and fill the rest with vegetables. If you do this, your body will love you. It will get the leafy greens and nutrients from both the meat and the veggies. Most low carbohydrate diets call for this approach; while you should consume carbs in limited quantities, it doesn’t mean they are not allowed.

Smoothie Satisfaction

You have probably heard about the smoothie craze. But do you know what it entails? Get out your blender and let’s get to work. Start with a leafy green such as romaine lettuce leaves, add in banana slices, and two cups of frozen strawberries. Then add two cups of water. Blend these up until they are frothy and enjoy the health benefits of each veggie and fruit you added. The stomach doesn’t have to work to digest a smoothie making it easier to absorb the nutrients. Experiment and try a multitude of frozen berries and leafy greens and other vegetables and find what you like most. Smoothies are a great way to start your day.

Drink Water

Finally, drink water. If you don’t like water add some flavoring to it by using fresh fruit squeezed or infused into it; this will flavor the water as they cool it down. You can also buy the flavorings from your local grocer to put into your water to make it nutrient rich.

These small ideas can make a huge difference in your body. Eating healthier in any manner will be rewarded. You will feel better, possibly lose weight, and have more energy.

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