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SkinnyMint Teatox Program

It seems that new diet fads come out every single day. If I had to guess, I would say that most women wouldn’t mind dropping a few pounds. Well I have good news! There is a product out there that will detox your body by just drinking tea! Sound interesting? Then SkinnyMint’s Teatox Program is for you!


SkinnyMint focuses on encouraging their customers to live a healthy, natural lifestyle. Their tea is produced in Germany and packaged in Singapore containing only the finest ingredients: yerba mate (Argentina), guarana (Brazil) and green tea (China). Primarily, the company focuses on promoting a healthy lifestyle. SkinnyMint encourages their customers to learn the benefits of eating clean and exercising regularly. The mission of SkinnyMint is to “help [their] customers achieve feeling, thinking, and living better”.

Teatox Program

One of the best parts about SkinnyMint is how simple their program is! No dieting is required. The program is an easy two step process!

Step 1: Morning Boost

You need to drink this every morning. The morning boost blend contains green tea, yerba mate, and guarana giving the tea a fruity taste.

Step 2: Night Cleanse

You need to drink this every other night. The night cleanse contains ginger root, lemongrass, senna leaves, and psyllium.

SkinnyMint’s prices taken into consideration individuals with varying budgets by providing two separate options. The first option is the 14 Day Starter Teatox which includes two weeks’ worth the morning boost and night cleanse for only $29.90. The second option is the 28-day Ultimate Teatox which includes four weeks’ worth of the morning boost and night cleanse for $54.90. If you are somewhat interested, but not sure if you are $54.90-worth of being sure, then go with the 14-day route as a trial run!

More Information

Interested to learn more or try this wonderful product for yourself? Visit their website at:

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