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Why You Shouldn’t Feel Like You’re Behind In Life

When you’re little you plan out your future and what your life will be like. You dream up your career, wedding, an house. That’s what you plan and look forward to. But as you get older, you realize that there’s a good chance your life won’t end up like that. You won’t own that beach house in Hawaii, instead you graduate college late and pay more in bills a month than you make. Or you work in a tiny office in an apartment with three roommates.

Our lives never play out the way we want them to but that’s no reason to hate the girl on Facebook who’s getting married next month. Life isn’t a race. There is no¬†competition with anyone else when it comes to life goals. You may have the same goals as someone else but if you don’t reach those goals as quickly as they do just remember, it is perfectly okay. You’re exactly where you should be in your life. These are some solid reason why you are exactly where you should be in your life.

Don’t Believe Everything on Social Media

You log into Instagram and a mutual friend posted a picture of a beautiful diamond ring with some sappy poem and cheesy saying about love. You may feel a nagging feeling that you need to be engaged tomorrow to keep up with how happy she and her future husband will be. The truth is, it’s just a social media post. That girl may be settling or she was proposed to because she kept pushing engagement on her fiance. You don’t truly know if that social media post is genuine and there’s no way to know. If you’re happy spending your weekends going on trips with your best friends or having a ‘Me’ day, then don’t worry about anything you see on social media. Do what makes you happy in your life, don’t obsess over social media.

Love Your Relationship

Don’t let your parents, friends, or social media influence any part of your relationship. Real relationships take time and lots of effort that involve two people; you and your significant other. Don’t let anyone try to push you into something that neither of you in ready for. If you’d rather spend your life and money going on vacation than an engagement ring then do that. If the two of you are happy, don’t let anyone outside influences change that or pressure any part of your relationship.

Make Your Own Rules

This isn’t the 1950’s. It isn’t anyone job to settle down or have kids if they’re not ready. Make this life your own. Don’t let society tell you where you should be in your life. You can leave the country three times in a year if that’s what you want to do. If you don’t want to get an office job with full medical benefits and own a home then don’t. Make this life your own. Listen to your own rules, not anyone else’s voice that might in your head telling you what to do.

Figure It Out As You Go

Very few 20-something year olds actually have it together. If you just turned 20, you’re barely out of those teenage years. If you just graduated college, then you’ve got student loans to deal with. And if you’re over 25, then you’re trying to figure out how insurance really works. The truth is, there’s no manual for life. You figure everything out as you go. If you’re still working that part-time retail job when you’re 24 or still living with roommates at 29 then that’s all alright. If it seems like someone figured it out faster than you, just look deeper. Everyone follows their own path and every road is the exact road you should be taking.

Be Happy

Do what makes you happy, no mater what. If getting married at 23 makes you happy then do it. If you’d rather travel and see the world and not settle down until you’re 30 then go for it. Life is short, as cliche as that sounds. You can’t spend it playing an unsatisfying game of catch-up with your Facebook account. It’s easy to get jealous but just remember all of the things that you love doing that make you happy. If it makes you smile then you know that this is where you’re supposed to be in life.

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