Security Checkup for Your Computer

Computer Security

Computers are at risk today. According to CNN, around 4,000 systems are attacked per day. Computers make our modern lives possible. We conduct banking, shopping, and just about everything else on them. They hold most of the sensitive data we need to function in society. This makes computer security absolutely necessary. Most of us are really busy and do not have time to check our bank statements every day. So here are three tips that will help secure your personal device.

Anti-Virus Software

A virus is a program that will invade your computer and steal information, act as a spy, crash your computer, or all three at once. There are many ways you can get a virus and hackers are always finding new ways to get it to you. The most important thing you can do to protect yourself from them, besides not knowingly downloading them, is having a way to detect and remove them. Anti-Virus software will serve you in two ways. First, Anti-Virus software scans your computer and watches for suspicious programs that are not supposed to be there. Secondly, it removes them for you before it can damage your computer. The best part is many anti-virus software can be acquired for free.

Keeping up to Date

One of the easiest ways to keep your computer safe and running smoothly is to keep your programs up to date. We all hate to see the icon pop up that tells us we need to update our computer. More often than not, we see this as an inconvenience and put it off as long as possible. This could inadvertently put your computer at risk. The software engineers at major technology companies are constantly trying to stay ahead of hackers. They add new safeguards to keep you safe in these updates. It is kind of like a vaccine for your computer. Make sure your computer stays healthy and has all of its shots updated.


The biggest security feature your computer has is its firewall. This is the outer wall that keeps your computer castle safe. This program screens out most of the threats that you will unknowingly come across. Most of the time, we do not even know how many times it has saved us.  Developers add firewalls to the majority of computers today.  But if you are really wanting to protect your computer verify you have one. This will increase your chances of intercepting a threat. Just like antiviral programs, you can find many great ones for free.

Staying Safe

The digital age is a security hazard. However, there are a lot of simple options we have at our disposal to help us. Additionally, most of these options are free and only take a few minutes of our time to install or update. Hopefully, these tips will help you stay safe in the digital world. Only a few minutes of precaution could save you a few months of headaches.