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Romantic Date Night Essentials

Ladies, we all know what it’s like to get prepared for that last minute date with our significant other. You rush to get ready up until the last minute your sweetheart arrives just for you to send the text message “I’m almost ready”. Little does he know that while he’s waiting for an extra ten minutes, you’re in panic mode trying to remember what to bring. Don’t worry, with these essentials you’ll be prepared for any romantic date night.


Don’t waste your time bringing an entire makeup bag with you to dinner. You don’t need to touch up all of your makeup to look presentable. Bring a signature lipstick so if you want to pop a red lip after eating a beautiful meal, you can. If you’re not a lipstick kind of gal bring a lip stain instead for a smudge-free kiss at the end of the night.

Breath Freshener

There’s no need to feel self-conscious about your breath if you have a compact container of mints with you. Whether you prefer mints or Listerine strips, this is a must-have when coming to date night. Subtly take one or two right before the date begins so you and your partner can have fresh conversation. Don’t forget to refresh before you say goodbye for a pleasant last impression.


Smelling nice is important, especially when coming to dating. The next time you go to Sephora, pick up a sample of perfume you want to try and bring it with you. If you already have a signature fragrance, consider purchasing the rollerball version. Both are easy to apply and small enough to throw in your clutch. Your partner will love smelling your sweet scent throughout the night, especially when you two get close.


If you’re not one to take cash out from the ATM, it’s a good idea to get into the habit. Paying on a date can become difficult if there are cash only restrictions. Make sure to bring a small coin purse filled with a few quarters for parking meters and a couple of dollars for valet if need be. Having cash on you is also a good idea if you plan on splitting the bill.

Instant Stain Remover

The last thing you need to happen is for your clothes to get stained right before going to an event together. Make sure to bring a Tide to-go pen to wipe away the stain that landed right on the front of your dress. By the time you arrive to your next destination, the stain will be gone.

Let us know what your date night essential is below!

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