Role of Religion In A Child’s Development

Good, Bad & Ugly

Parents are always worried about their children’s future, whether their child is on the right track and what will the child turn into as an adult. These questions often keep us awake at night as these are the matters of concern for any parent. As parents, we always try to give our child the best of everything, but are we giving them the right training so that they become good individuals in the future?

Society is a blend of everything from moral to immoral, just to unjust, good to bad and beauty to ugly. Children are innocent beings, and it is very difficult for them to differentiate between these things and decide what is right and wrong. Childhood to teen and teen to adulthood are ages where children get carried away with the worldly gleam. If I have to summarize and describe this age, I would say that this is an age of dilemma, peer pressure, lack of understanding of people and a lot of aggression and curiosity.

It is our duty as parents to see to it that our children are not lost in this confusion. How do we do that? Well, it may sound strange, but the roots are clearly in childhood. How your child turns out to be as an adult depends on how you train them in the initial years. To give you an example here, if you fulfill every demand of your child, your child might not have value for money, or if you scold or get angry with your child often, your child could become hostile or ill-tempered. So these are the possibilities which you need to keep in mind and be very careful as to how you behave with them.

Fear of God & Religion Ethics

Religion is an institution that teaches you what is right for you and the people around you. There are certain parameters which you should follow. If you follow them, you will be successful in the world and the hereafter, and if you do not follow them, you might have to suffer and so on. Hence, for me religion is the ideal state of mind which you achieve when you live for others rather than for yourself, start practicing compromise and sacrifice and abide by every rule that the religion has prescribed. Why am I talking about religion here? Because religion and culture go hand in hand and both help in the upbringing of a child; religion will always alert you with what you are supposed to do, keeping you from doing wrong practices.

Religion helps to build that state of mind which helps you to train your children in an efficient manner. Religion is a source of peace and tranquility and often stops us from getting carried away. It is a good idea if your children follow the same religious path as yours as this would keep the values of your family intact and help the children understand you better.

Think, Follow & Represent

As parents, it is our moral, social and paramount duty to make the basics of our children strong. To give them values that are right and just, to show them the correct path to eternal happiness and to give them that enlightened knowledge that could make them a better person intellectually, socially, religiously and spiritually and that is possible with the help of education and religion. So along with being a cool parent, also try to be a moral and ethical parent because children need you and your advice and religion has been a source of inspiration that will guide them throughout. Religion has answers to every problem, and when the base is strong, the pillar tends to stand still and proud.