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Remembering Your Past Without Letting it Alter Your Future

Rosan Harmens

Everyone always reminds us that we need to live in the present moment. “Nothing is more important than right here, right now” echoes through our heads every day. However, it is extremely hard to separate right now from our pasts, and we shouldn’t have to. We all dwell in the past because it is the part of life we can connect with. Our pasts constructs who we are, and how we got to this point in time. Suppressing the successes and failures of the past only distance us from our true selves. We must embrace and accept the past to enjoy this moment and look positively towards the future.

See the Past as the Past

The present and future moments are continually evolving and moving. Both of these concepts we can alter and adjust. The past, however, is unchangeable no matter how hard we try. For this reason, alone, we can use the past as a building tool. This is no easy task because we usually have traumatizing or heartbreaking memories that are hard to look past. Once we can look at the past in a positive light, we can free ourselves of living in our previous moments.

Seeing the past as purely what it takes time. Don’t be discouraged if memories keep surfacing and it feels like a dark hole enthralls us. Memories are there to keep us grounded, and it is okay to look at the past in this nostalgic context. The problems arise when we look towards the past when we want to move forward.

Create A New Environment For Our Future

The past is usually comforting because we have experienced all of these emotions before. Even if a memory is painful, we feel familiarity with the feeling of neglect and trauma. This is not helpful or beneficial at all in connecting our pasts with our presents and futures. All three parts of life must work in harmony, rather than unbalanced forces of nature.

To create a balanced trio, we must inhabit a new mental space that combines the good and bad of the past, present, and future. The past surfaces nostalgia and fond memories of the days gone by. The present is exciting and fast-paced. The future becomes something that looms over our heads. If we let one control the other two, our lives become scattered, and we cannot exist mindfully. When the pressures of life become too harsh, having a mental place where time doesn’t survive creates a haven of order and peace.

There is no need to be afraid of any aspect of life. We are all here, existing together on this large revolving sphere of creation. We all have pasts, presents, and futures; the only problem is balancing all three at the same time. Regardless of our pasts, nothing can define who we are becoming, because we are always growing. We alone are responsible for creating happiness in the balancing of our past, present, and future selves.

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