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Why Being in A Relationship in College is A Good Thing

Some topics make people nervous to talk about in front of other people. For many, coming to realization with the concept of love and relationships is just as scary as jumping out of a window or public speaking.

Love has become this coveted piece of artwork that people tiptoe around because of the stigma that has been placed on it. This is especially true with younger adults, who are constantly told they are not ready for a serious relationship.

How could you, a college student, be mentally and emotionally ready for a committed relationship?

As the cultures shift and the modern definition of ‘relationship’ changes, it can be hard to identify if a traditional relationship is the best choice for you. While some will keep us at bay from being emotionally invested with someone else, being in a serious relationship while in college can be one of the best things to ever happen to us.

You Always Have Someone To Watch Your Back

There are a few qualities we hold of utmost importance in the people we surround ourselves with. Loyalty is one of the most critical for relationships. Even though we still hold it sacred, loyalty seems to be a dying trend of this modern era we live in. Often, especially in our 20’s, we gravitate towards people who make us feel safe. The popular motif, however, of relying on Tinder and social media to find a potential date, is at a high. We are always depriving ourselves of security and loyalty we desperately need by staying online. This is never a problem when you are in a relationship. We have our personal fan, there to cheer us on through the ups and downs of our daily lives. Running to someone when things go wrong opens up another side of trust that can’t be found on just any date.

Learning New Things Together

Our twenties is a time where we find ourselves and discover what it is we want to do. Having a significant other to learn new things with can make the process of growing up fun. Having someone else to be your support system and try new things with allows young couples to be more adventurous when trekking through life together.

You Have Someone Reminding You How Much You Matter Daily

Like previously mentioned, college is a confusing time for young adults. We crave attention and loyalty, yet stay true to the current expectation of never dating seriously. We try to balance work, school, and dating but are constantly bogged down with their conflicting pressures. With the influence of a significant other, some of those pressures seem to melt away. A gesture to help with homework, or a breakfast date before classes, and suddenly we are not mentally alone; someone is there, thinking about us because they know the stress, we are going through. Most likely, they’re going through the same amount of stress, and for them to make that gesture to go out of their way shows how much they care about our well-being. In your college years, this can truly show how powerful real, emotional attachment is.

Spending Time With Someone Who Gets You

With so much communication happening on the Internet, it is hard to find people whom we connect with in person. A true, physical, and spiritual connection does not happen that often, but when it does it is the purest form of happiness. Finding someone who gets our jokes and can sense when our mood changes are hard to find regardless of age. If we find that person in college, why should we deprive ourselves of that happiness just to appease social standards? Feeling this connected with another person opens up the door for them to understand us more, and for us to understand ourselves even deeper than we thought we could.

Even If You Don’t Marry, You’ve Learned So Much About Yourself

Sometimes the person we date in college becomes our partner for life. There are always those beautiful stories about couples that found each other in college, fell in love, and began their lives together. I know this type of love still exists, but sometimes we don’t date our soul mate. We might fall in love with the completely wrong person, and it might be a terrible mistake. The important thing is that by entrusting our insecurities with another person, we’ve learned what we want in a partner. We have both taught each other so many new things, and we can only be grateful for them for teaching us what we want from love.

Being in a serious relationship in college results in two outcomes: it can end in a long-lasting love, or it can end in turmoil. However drastic these endings are, young love teaches us so much about ourselves. So many people say committed relationships for young adults are the safe and boring choice. Until you have given your whole heart and trust to someone, you can foolishly continue to call it boring. In the end, we loved someone who loved us back. To me, that is the ultimate reward.

We never know where love will take us so when we find that person to connect with, regardless of age, run with it. Love doesn’t come around often, and it might go terribly wrong, but just imagine what’ll happen if it goes right.

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