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What Is The Red Wine Headache & How Can You Prevent it?

Image Source: National Headache Foundation

Do you love red wine but hate the headache that comes after? The headache that you experience has known causes and we’re going to discuss those and tips for the red wine headache that really work!


Histamines and Tyrine are the causes for the red wine headache that you are experiencing. The histamines dilate your blood vessels to make you flush from inflammation. Then, the Tyrine first restricts your blood vessels then dilates them which causes a spike in blood pressure and causes the headache. One interesting thing to note is white wine has a lesser headache effect than red wine.

Tips to Prevent the Headache

Drink at least one eight ounce glass of water per glass of wine. Wine is a natural diuretic and it will make you dehydrated. Many people are already dehydrated from not consuming the recommended amount of water per day. Drinking wine on top of that will increase the chances that your headache is prolonged and possibly worse. Try taking a sip of wine and then a sip of water.

You can also try taking non drowsy, antihistamines before drinking wine, those such as Claritin or Zyrtec. However, make sure you give enough time for the antihistamines to work before you start drinking. If you know that you will be going out that night, take a Claritin or Zyrtec in the morning.

Before drinking, try taking an Aspirin, Ibuprofen, or Tylenol to thin your blood out before the histamines and Tyrine have a chance to kick in.

One warning. If you love to snack out while you’re drinking opt for non-sweet munchies. Mixing sugary foods with red wine will give you a sugar rush and make the red wine headache worse.

The headache may be a sign of a great night, but who wants to deal with that on a work day? Follow these simple tips to help you prevent your red wine headache so you can have more fun with your friends and wake up the next day headache free.

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