Recreational Social Activities to Recommend in Your City

If a new colleague who started working in your company recently, asks you to recommend some fun social activity to do in your city what would you say? Do you have a list of such recreational activities on the top of your head? Most of us, who have been living in one locale for a considerable amount of time have activities that we enjoy doing and are ready to divulge that information. Since we are unlikely to know the interests of the individual who asked the question, it will be more useful if our response accommodated a broad range of activities.

There is a vast amount of information for recreational activities online. Apps, Google Maps “attractions” or any number of Top 10 lists that emerge from search engine queries provide extensive details on activities to chose from. But narrowing things down to a few choices could be a hard task. I was faced with such a dilemma when I was perusing the internet for a birthday gift for a friend in a city to which I had moved a few months prior. I was looking for a social activity that we can do together which I reckoned my friend would appreciate. Unable to settle on anything, I asked my boss, when I crossed paths with him in the hallway at my new job. His suggestions were very useful and also covered a breadth of different things.

His recommendations were:

  • An all inclusive boat ride along the main river that runs through the city with stops at major attractions
  • An establishment with a wind tunnel for an indoor skydiving experience
  • A performance arts theater with diverse entertainment options
  • A race track where you can drive formula one cars for an allocated period of time
  • A murder mystery-themed evening at a castle on the outskirts of the city

I was thankful for his suggestions which indicated his knowledge of the city and made my decision making a lot easier. Knowing social activities in your city comes in handy and also gives you more appreciation for the things that your city offers. It has been several years since that interaction with my boss, I have moved on to a different town in a different country, but I have a list of social activities to do in my city that I have recommended to people who have asked me. In case you were wondering, we ended up driving the formula one car on my friend’s birthday. Eventually, I tried out most of the things my boss recommended.
What recreational, social activities do you recommend in your city?