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Should You Re-gift Instead of Returning A Present You Didn’t Like?

Every year at Christmas you might receive gifts that you do not want or cannot use. Of course, you’re grateful, but what do you do with the gift? Should you re-gift it, and if so, to whom? These simple ideas can make your process of re-gifting an act of charity. Consider these ideas to re-gift instead of returning a present you didn’t like.

Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas Child collects shoeboxes full of goodies for the less fortunate. This organization distributes these shoeboxes all over the world to poverty-stricken children. Some of these children have never received a gift in their lives. Shoebox gifting can include anything that is child-friendly. From pen sets, to toys, to clothing, grab a shoebox and fill it up with anything you want to re-gift. Your gifts will be loved by these children.

Operation Gratitude

Another alternative is Operation Gratitude which creates care packages for soldiers serving overseas. These packages can contain anything useful for a soldier: food, socks, decks of cards, old working cell phones, trial sized lotions or soaps, and toiletries. These gifts go a long way to help comfort the soldiers working so hard to protect our freedom.

Nursing Homes Residents

Another way to re-gift is to package gifts for those living in nursing homes or retirement centers. Scented soaps, and shampoos, that notorious ugly sweater, decorations, coffee mugs, and sweets can be put to good use. One time, I remember giving gift bags to a nursing home that contained body wash, poufs, and moisturizer; the residents were delighted. They loved the companionship, and that someone thought of them.

Re-Gift Instead of Returning

So this year, rather than returning your unwanted gifts, send your gifts to someone less fortunate that would really appreciate the gifts that you were given. You will help others and be blessed by the spirit of giving: the real reason for the season.

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