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Quality Time With Family During The Holidays

Holiday season is quickly approaching, and with it comes a great deal of time spent with your family. The question is whether or not this time will be quality time or not. It would be easy enough to simply go through the motions of the traditional holiday gatherings without really enjoying those you spend them with. I would like to suggest a few activities that lend themselves to genuine quality time with your family.

Decorate The Christmas Tree

Growing up this was always something we did as an entire family. All six of us would cover our tree with ornaments, Christmas music playing in the background, and our system of decorating down to an art. These are some of my most cherished memories with my family during the holiday season. None of us had anywhere to be, we were just enjoying the moment of being together.

Play A Board Game

Playing something together is always a good way to spend quality time with your loved ones. As long as you don’t get too competitive! Keep your spirit light and don’t become too concerned with winning. Just enjoy the company.

Work On A Puzzle

A good way to spend time together while working towards a common goal, working on a puzzle can facilitate good conversation as you try to fit pieces together. Unlike a board game, this isn’t a competition which protects against feelings getting hurt. It’s also nice because you have the luxury of talking about things other than the puzzle itself. You don’t have to concentrate so hard that you can’t spend quality bonding time with your family.

Look Through Photo Albums

This is something else I enjoy doing with my own family. Flipping through old photo albums (or my mom’s scrapbooks) usually bring to mind memories that you can relive with your family. Looking back on other times tends to bring about feelings of sentimentality and nostalgia.  These kind of feelings lend themselves to good quality time spend with your loved ones.

New Tradition

Of course, this list is not all inclusive, but it’s a start! I would encourage you to find and create a new family tradition that you can keep for many years to come!

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