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Pushing Beyond Yourself to Succeed

We all want to succeed. No one wants to feel like a failure. There is no one that wants to admit that something is holding them back. What if that something was actually “someone”. The real question is, what if that someone holding you back is yourself? Most times the greatest obstacle we must overcome is the small (but destructive) voice in our head.

Comparing Yourself

The most prominent things that is holding you back from success is your irrefutable habit to compare yourself to others. We were all created equal and unique. There is no reason to compare yourself to your neighbor, friend, sibling, or coworker. We all have different beliefs, talents, and experiences that defines our individuality. It would be a very boring world if we were all the same!

We must also be careful to compare our current selves with previous versions. There is often a reluctance to accept our current lives when we are always yearning for the past. Maybe your past brought much immediate success. Finding yourself in a less than favorable situation currently can often trigger that feeling of once upon a time. Maybe you are experiencing dissatisfying coworkers who keep you outside of their clique. This situation may make you yearn for the days of high school or college where you were the most popular and anyone would have died to know you.

Waiting Forever

You might be (or know someone) the person that always is waiting for the “right” time to do things. You are merely setting yourself up for instant failure when you let yourself get stuck waiting. You may find yourself waiting until you have extra time or money to start your candy making business. However, when was the last time you had extra time to dedicate to something irrelevant? You won’t. You will never have enough time or money to do what you want. There is responsibility in setting aside a backup plan, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start somewhere! Remember, we make time for what is important in our lives.

Expecting Fast Results

We all wish we could just get an idea and be validated by instant success. The problem with instant success is that it doesn’t allow for errors to be fixed. There is a sense of energy when you fail at something, and you must be determined to fight against its force of gravity. Think about a situation where you prepared yourself as best as you could. Unfortunately, despite your preparations you didn’t achieve the results you had hoped. You have received some education and knowledge despite your losses; you may have met some connections along the way or learned a new process. These things are not failures. We only fail if we never try. Success is a consistent ability to never give up. The key is digging in and fighting against all odds to achieve your goal.

We only truly succeed when we are put in scenarios that challenge us and push us beyond our comfort zone. A pure sense of maturity is recognizing these uncomfortable situations and enjoying them for what they are. Proceed with caution when you hear your inner self stirring your emotions. We can only succeed if we push beyond and fight for what we want; no matter what may be trying to hold you back.

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