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Pursuing Your Passions

People talk about passion a lot. You hear it from successful business owners, artists, and leaders in every capacity. Because passion is mostly talked about by successful people, it can feel intimidating. I remember hearing someone talk about their passions in such a precise and electric way that I questioned whether I was passionate about anything. When I finally did discover my passions I struggled with actually pursuing them because I was afraid. Pursuing your passion doesn’t have to be scary. Instead, it can be incredibly satisfying.

Finding Your Passion

You don’t find your passion the way you find your personal style. I used to think I had to try out a million things to discover what I loved. I realized that passion isn’t external, so you don’t need external things to figure it out; it is internal. It’s innate to who you are. Think about what you already like and the common motivation behind them.

I love movies, TV shows, books, and poems. The common factor in all of these is stories. Even deeper than that, what I love about stories are the characters in them. To take it even further, I love characters because they are relatable. While the character can live in a fantasy world and be entirely different from me, I can relate to the fears, hopes, joys, and pain of the character. I am passionate about connecting with people through shared emotion.

Pursuing Your Passion

I believe that you should pursue your passion in all that you do. Once you can break it down into its core like I did above, you can see how applicable it is. I can relate to people through shared emotion by writing articles like this where I talk about how I struggled with understanding passion. Not only that, but I can provide a solution to that struggle.

It’s easy to see how I can do that through writing, but I can do that in almost any area. I can do it working in a retail store by identifying the common emotion. Maybe a customer is having a bad day. I can relate through a similar experience and do all that I can to provide excellent service to make their day a bit better. You can pursue your passions in any capacity. If you have a passion for helping people, you don’t have to be a doctor. You can help people in everyday life just by making a conscious decision to do so.

It’s Okay to Fail

When it comes to pursuing your passions in some of the larger ways like starting a business, blog, or going to school, it can be intimidating. We fear the worse, and it can prevent us from even trying. One thing I’ve learned over the years is that it’s okay to fail. Sometimes we fear failure because we think we’ll never get over that blow, but having failed many times, I can tell you from experience that you and everyone around will eventually get over it. You will move on. You won’t feel embarrassed forever. Failure is not a personal slight; it’s completely natural, and every successful person has failed. So don’t be afraid to pursue your passion.

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