The Pumpkin Spice Latte Pitfall: How To Avoid The Holiday Rush

Each year, the changing fall foliage and crisp air symbolizes the start of autumn. Seasonal changes enthuse people for the upcoming holidays. August establishes a transition to fall as the pools are closing, football teams are training, and school is starting. It is the time of the year that kick-starts the festivities and events of the holiday season. While imagining the upcoming monthly merriments, it is easy to rush through the holidays without taking the time to enjoy each moment.

Avoid Commercial Rush

Strange occurrences, such as buying Christmas decorations in September and baking pumpkin seeds in August, suggest people are more likely to rush through the holidays. Before fully appreciating the current event, individuals are preoccupied with what is coming next. Shopping malls begin selling Halloween costumes and spooky decorations in August, ruining the excitement of revealing it in October.

The “Pumpkin Spice Everything” culture welcomes cheerful festivities and fuels eager individuals. This mindset is not necessarily a bad thing, since at its core it celebrates cheerful, joyful, and thankful attitudes, but rushing through each celebration can prevent someone from enjoying each experience along the way.

At the end of summer, August should not symbolize the starting point of the sprint to New Year’s Day. Taking each day to appreciate the spirit and unique qualities of the holidays will provide memories to help carry a festive spirit with you throughout the entire year.

Avoid Holiday Stress

People rush from home to work and back home again while managing to sneak in a dozen other errands throughout the day. Autumn, more so than other seasons, rushes to begin before its officially time. Hectic routines managed to make people forget what is really happening; although the pools are open, the decorations for Halloween and Thanksgiving are overwhelming the shopping districts.

Additionally, the holiday season crowds your schedule with things to do everyday. Some of the chaos is self-imposed. People should cautiously gauge their eagerness to race towards the end of the calendar year because early holiday hype can be a tactic employed to commercialize holiday cheer.

Our personal lives are constantly buzzing, so before the rest of this year disappears at the ringing of the New Year, try to make the most of the holiday season by staying in each moment.


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