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The Pros & Cons of Video Games

Sometimes we forget how amazing and fortunate our hectic lives are. We’re always coming and going; we never take the time to stop and appreciate the little things. When we do stop for just a second, we make these moments valuable when we fill them with hobbies. For some people, reading makes them happy. Others knit, scrapbook, or play board games. Regardless of what we do, we are all spending our free time doing something we enjoy. For some, the hobby of choice is playing video games. Somewhat controversial in our modern era, video games are very popular with all ages. Video games can be an excellent learning tool, but it is also very easy to abuse and misuse them. Below are a few pros and cons to a hobby that can transport us to other worlds.

Pro: Helps With Hand-Eye Coordination

Video games offer us a unique approach to interaction. Not only is timing involved, but we must have our hands working at the same time as our eyes. Whether we are playing a sports or role playing game, the communication between our eyes and hands is put to the test. Once the game starts, our minds hone in and our reflexes are challenged in a way that is unlike any other experience.

Con: Eye Strain from Game

While our reflexes are being worked on, eye strain is incredibly easy to get with video games. When home consoles first came out, kids sat far away from the television screen. Now computer games and computer monitors are popular in the gaming community. To use these, we have to sit rather close to the screen. Being this close to a screen is never a good thing. On top of that, our eyes are being pushed at a harder pace staring at an artificial display. Obviously, we cannot get eye strain immediately, but it will happen with enough use.

Pro: Offers Us A Community

One of the best things about gaming today is most games enable online play. Online play refers to any game that we can connect to another player and join their experience. Many games like Destiny and World of Warcraft have a vast following and dedicated followers. Within these communities, players work together and meet up in real life. Gaming brings together like-minded people who may not meet in other formats. The possibility of these communities is immense, and it is a great step forward in communication.

Con: Communities Can Make Us Withdrawal

Some people use video games for fun, while others use it to escape. For the latter, the virtual world is more pleasing or comfortable than their lives. Having friends in a game is great; it allows us to have fun when we’re playing. However, we must remember that we have a life outside of the screen. A video game cannot bring us the same joy as living life can. As long as we balance these things, video games can be a great hobby.

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