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The Pros & Cons of Procrastination

There are many bad habits that we all succumb to on a daily basis. Some are deemed detrimental, yet none have such a bad reputation as procrastination does. Procrastination is viewed as the worst trait of all traits, however many of us never talk about the potential positives of procrastinating. As writer Don Marquis states, “Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday.” Is procrastination an art form or a cultural nuisance? Let’s read some pros and cons of the tempting habit and decide for ourselves.

The Good

While these can be argued as opinionated, procrastination is one of our most common downfalls. If we always end up procrastinating, it helps to see a small glimmer of positivity from our wasted time.

For one, procrastination can help us get other things done. By putting off the thing, we need to get done we get smaller goals accomplished. This gives more time to the major task closer to the due date. While unconventional, choosing this method leads to fewer distractions and a drive to finish the task.

Secondly, our brains are designed for surviving through any problem or concern. This is usually the last resort when we are stressed. We know we have the resources to procrastinate, so we put the task in the back of our brains.

Lastly, I’m sure we’ve all heard “work better under pressure” from avid procrastination enthusiasts. Many people believe this to be false. However, many people do create better end results if working off of pressure. The levels of stress drive us to finish our work when we wouldn’t have done it before. Since we know we can always result on procrastination; we put things off until we cannot anymore.

Don’t get me wrong, though. The negatives of procrastination can equally match the positives.

The Bad

Avoiding large tasks is definitely a positive. However, using small tasks as a sign of success will not help us at all. If we check three simple tasks off of our list, we can tell ourselves we’re making progress. What we don’t tell ourselves is those tasks took an hour to complete all three. The main task will take us four hours to complete. By doing this, we waste time and fill our egos with a false sense of accomplishment.

Our brains are destined for survival; creativity is not. Good ideas take a lot of time and consideration; they can be very hard to create in a short time. Starting early also allows us to have an aha moment or an epiphany and enjoy what we’re doing. If we procrastinate, we miss out on the beauty of the creative process.

Finally, yes, the under pressure mantra does work from time to time. What we often forget about is that we need perfect conditions for it to work. We need to feel healthy, our car to get us where we need to go, and the Internet not to go down at the pivotal moment. More often than not these things we cannot control, so it’s best not to leave it up to fate.

Procrastination will always be a topic of discussion. Procrastinating is all individualized. Even though there are two sides, it is always best to plan the goals we want to accomplish.

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