Preparing for the Holiday Madness

It’s that time of the year again! Fall holidays are right on the horizon. That means family fun, comfort food, and great gifts. Unfortunately for some, it may also mean a little madness. The holidays can get a little hectic, unless you use these tips for a stress-free holiday season!


Make a schedule with practical deadlines of all the things you need to accomplish. Include gifts that need to be purchased and trips to the grocery store. Make sure your deadlines are not too close to the holidays so that you’ll be less stressed as the days approach. If you’re hosting for Thanksgiving be sure to budget for all that you’ll need. Include the food, decorations, place settings, and centerpieces. Do you need a new roasting pan? Plan for that as well. A good time saving option could be catering. Check out some of your local restaurants to see if they’ll do Thanksgiving platters. Then you’ll only have to plan for a trip to pick up the food.


Make lists of all the things you need to buy. You’ve scheduled a trip to the mall, but do you know everyone you need to buy for? Write each name and put the gift you want to buy next to it. As you buy everything you need for the holidays, place in them in bins with labels to keep everything organized and in a place where you can easily find them. Another tip for staying organized it delegating. Delegate small tasks to others so you can focus on the big stuff.

Have Fun

Once you’ve planned and organized everything, you’ve done all you can. Now you seemly need to relax and have fun. As you’re getting ready for the holidays find ways to remember why you’re doing this. Put post-it notes around the house with inspirational holiday quotes. Remind yourself of the reason for the season. Remember the fun times you had in the past while spending time with family, eating great food, and opening gifts. You can do this!

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