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How To Practice Self Care Daily

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In the busy world we live in today, it can be hard to find that ‘me’ time we all crave. We’re busy working, taking care of the kids, and tending to everyone’s needs but our own. It almost gets to the point where we forget that we have individual needs. Sometimes we think, “I’ll take care of myself later.” While putting others before ourselves is a good thing, it can take a toll after a while. You’ll start to feel tired, run down, and overall unhealthy both physically and mentally.

Self-care is important for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, it helps to prevent burn out. You get to a certain point in life where you’ve pushed yourself above and beyond your limits, and suddenly you feel as though you have nothing left to give. Second, self-care is important because it helps you to refocus. Taking as little as one day for yourself can help you refocus and refresh. Third, self-care helps reduce stress. By taking care of yourself and addressing your needs, you’ll find that you are less stressed in your personal life, professional and social life.

How do you practice self-care on a daily basis? According to Life Hacker, here are some ways you can:

  • Make time to exercise and eat well – Even if it’s just taking a short walk, get up and exercise. Reach for an apple instead of that candy bar.
  • Practice good emotional hygiene – Keep a daily journal, talk to someone you know and trust, walk away from a stressful situation to regroup and rethink
  • Protect your work schedule – Don’t overdo it and learn to say no
  • Spend time and money on what matters – Be careful not to spend more when you’re stressed. Focus on the big finance goals.

Saying No

Another way to practice self-care on a daily basis is something we all have trouble with at times: saying NO. It is a short, simple word; but, sometimes we can’t seem to say it. Whether it is to our children, significant others, supervisors or even to ourselves, learning to say NO is important.

Asking for Help

Seeking counsel when needed is another way to practice self-care. Asking for professional help should never cause you to feel embarrassed. Whether it is for long term or short term issues, never feel ashamed about seeking professional guidance.

Take A Break

Taking a break from the routine and trying something new can help you feel less stressed and contribute to self-care. If you enjoy knitting, join a knitting group, Do you like to read? Join a book club! Breaking up the monotony, by adding something you love to your routine, is an excellent way to practice self care.

Practicing self-care on a daily basis is essential to your overall wellbeing; additionally, it is necessary for maintaining your physical and mental health. It’s important for you, and it’s important for the people around you.

For more tips of practicing self-care, check out this article from the Huffington Post.

How do you practice self-care on a daily basis? 

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