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Discover The Newest Color Trends To Help Curate Your Fall Wardrobe

Cerulean; to Meryl Streep’s character in The Devil Wears Prada, it’s not just a color; it’s a pledge of allegiance to the fashion industry and its Machiavellian influence in a given year’s fall fashion style and color trends.

Every year, dozens of designers, models, fashion critics, and admirers gather together for New York City’s Fashion Week. This homage to the clothing industry offers a glimpse into the future of our wardrobes and style decisions for the upcoming season.

Often, it is said that style is a reflection of the individual, but Streep’s cerulean monologue reminds us that we might be influenced by industry trends more than we are aware. For consumers, it is important to recognize the style trail we are following and to decide if this year’s particular trend is a good match for our personality.

Incorporating new colors into your wardrobe at the beginning of each new season is an exciting way to punch up your wardrobe, but selecting clothes and accessories in the newest fad does not have to take over your current closet. There are several ways to test new colors, styles, and trends without reinventing your personality. Despite the first glimpse of these trends seen on the runway, the newest fall fashions can be discovered at boutiques and department stores at affordable prices.

Pantone’s color specialists derive the top ten colors exhibited at Fashion Week using color expertise from influencers in the industry.  These colors range from Potter’s Clay to Sharkskin, but each hue contributes to the autumnal theme and is a dye to keep your eye on during this season.

Discover Cool Colors: Blue-Green-Purple


Cool, calm, and consistent. Riverside shade of blue offers a pop of perfection in a classic hue.


Charming Charlie $29.00

Airy Blue

Breathe in; breathe out. Airy Blue never looked so good. This icy blue is the diplomatic solution to all your wardrobe skirmishes.

airy blue

Ruche $19.50

Lush Meadow

Evergreens are usually reserved for the winter holiday season, but Lush Meadow offers a sophisticated twist to merge throughout the fall season by managing maintain earthy tones.

lush meadow

ModCloth $79.99


As summer comes to an end and the leaves begin to change, the Bodacious purple trend helps preserve a pop of color in the new season by turning this accent color into an elegant, adaptable, regal embellishment.


Red Dress Boutique $46.00

Discover Warm Colors: Red-Orange-Yellow

Aurora Red

Red lips are an unforgettable statement for summer, but fall can still make its own bold declaration by transitioning to Aurora Red. It is distinctive, romantic, and complementary to outfits when the fall foliage changes.

aurora red

ModCloth $59.99

Dusty Cedar

Spring is not the only time for bright hues, but fall provides pastels with a new twist. Dusty Cedar uses one of this year’s most popular shades of pink and transforms it into an inviting rose hue.

dusty cedar

ModCloth $59.99

Potter’s Clay

Every year, autumn symbolizes harvest, holidays, and historical celebrations. Potter’s Clay connects the shades of a natural terrain with an auburn Earth tone completing fall’s essential palette.


Make Me Chic $9.90

Spicy Mustard

Pumpkin spice, lemon zest, and Spicy Mustard– these sound like the ingredients to a fall cuisine. Actually, these tints are found in a popular autumn yellow this season. Mustard has been making a comeback for several seasons, but this year’s fall fashion is making a bold, vivacious statement.

mustard yellow

Ruche $42.00

Discover Neutrals: Grey-Cream


There’s something in the water, and it appears to have an edge. Sharkskin delivers a unique grey tint, making it versatile for fall, but presents a new approach to an old neutral hue.


Ruche $46.00

Warm Taupe

Time to harvest. Pumpkins, corn mazes, and apple orchards are staples of the fall season, which reminds us of our connection to the Earth and all of its exceptional gifts. Just in time for the rustic season changes, Warm Taupe is the go-to shade of cream that complements everything your fall wardrobes yields.

warm taupe

ModCloth $34.99

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