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Postpartum Depression

Pregnancy to Motherhood is a beautiful journey in every woman’s life. A woman in her pregnancy experiences a lot of changes physically and emotionally, and there is a sense of responsibility, care, and motherly affection for her baby who is still in the womb. Morning sickness, body aches, and sleeplessness cannot stop a woman to worry about her baby and her delivery.

Then there comes that moment- the moment of bliss, a mother’s greatest moment of her life when her baby arrives in this world. Every mother cries or becomes emotional when holding her baby for the first time. The voices, cramps, and kicks that she had heard and felt now are no more, but there is this beautiful creation of God where she can see her reflection, so innocent, so tiny that makes her forget all the pains. Truly, the joy of becoming a mother is only known to the women who have experienced this spectacular journey of motherhood. This is a beautiful reality, but there is also an ugly truth related to it, Postpartum Depression.

Postpartum Depression & the Reasons Behind It

Postpartum Depression is very common nowadays. A lot of women suffer from this kind of depression after the childbirth. A lot of us do not know about it because nobody talks about it. A woman suffers so much in the nine months she is pregnant. It starts with getting pregnant to that agonizing delivery pain or the unbearable pain of C-section stitches. Once the baby comes out, it is harder for a mother because she had been so exhausted giving birth and there’s this small baby who is entirely dependent on her. One of the biggest problems a woman goes through is breastfeeding; it’s tougher than it looks. It takes a lot of patience and while in the process, a lot of women get frustrated and irritable.

Newborn babies need 24/7 attention with feeding to making them sleep and changing their diapers. This could be a tiring process and hinder the sleep of the mother. There are times when the new mommy doesn’t sleep or eat properly, and this is naturally one of the reasons for her agitation.

Problems A Mother Suffers

The bitter truth here which nobody ever talks about is all kinds of people whether you know them or not will give you all sorts of advice; some welcomed and some not. At times, when something wrong happens, they are there to blame the mother. Nobody tries to understand what a new mother is going through and this becomes very disturbing to her. This is known as Postpartum Depression; where health conditions, lack of rest and appetite, and lack of support from the society hinders a mother’s health making her psychologically weak and distressed. It takes a lot of time for a woman to come out of this depression.

Render Your Caring Hand

Support your wife, daughter, and or sister who is enduring this tough time because all she needs is your support and encouragement because it is not easy to go through the 9 months of pregnancy, giving birth to a baby, and raising one. Help her with taking care of the baby and most importantly taking care of herself because she too needs some time to relax.

Wear Confidence on Your Sleeve

To all the mothers or soon-to-be mothers out there, hats off to you for doing such an incredible job. Always remember that every mother is unique and in the same way every baby is unique. Only you know what your child needs best. Your decisions should be yours, and you should not get affected by any criticisms or by unwanted advice. It’s you who will decide whether you should breastfeed or formula-feed your baby. It’s you who will decide what pediatrician is the best for your baby and you are the one who will decide when to start working post-delivery.  You are worth so much, and it is imperative that a mother also lives a content and happy life.

Be confident and enjoy this phase of motherhood and if you feel it’s too much remember that this is just a phase like every other phase of life. This is temporary, and a few years down the line when your child grows up, you will smile when you think about you sailed through those tough days.

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