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Post-Grad Depression

After graduating from college, I had a hard time adjusting to the every day life that everyone else faced. College, for me, seemed almost like paradise. The only thing I hated in college, of course, was the presentations I had to give. In college, I loved studying and sitting in class. I know I was a strange one. Learning for me, was fun. I enjoyed learning about new things and discussing life with my fellow classmates. Having those discussions would allow me to work through some of my issues and think them through.

However, college for me was not just about learning in a classroom. College was about friendships that last a long time and the lessons I learned from those friendships. During my time at Western State Colorado University, I met some people who changed my life. Therefore, when it came time to graduate from college, I was naturally depressed. I thought that the feeling of depression would go away once I started working but I found that to be false.

Post-grad depression is a real issue that many graduates deal with. It is because you are on such a high during your college years that you search for that high in life and often times do not find it. The other reason why I began to struggle with post-grad depression is the fact that I could not simply jump into a job with my degree. I had to get a job in retail and banking. For me that was frustrating. For, all of the jobs I wanted to work in required two-three years of experience and I could not get that if no one would give me a chance.

I will not lie, I am still not working in a job that I am using my degree but this week I learned a valuable lesson in regards to that topic. While in Texas for my brother’s wedding, I stopped by a hand blowing art studio that made lamps and other glass sculptures. They allowed you to sit in a studio, watch the artists’ blow glass, and shape it into beautiful sculptures. While sitting there, the main artist explained that it took about eight years for him to use his college degree in a job he wanted to be in. He explained that a company does not want someone straight out of college because they still have lessons to learn and those lessons often come from self-studying.

Granted, I did not want to hear that. For all I want to do is get into my degree field, write, and become an artist. However, I have lessons in both writing and art that I need to learn before I can become a professional writer and artist. I know it is hard to hear that and it does not help to be depressed, but we need to keep our eyes on God. He has a plan for our lives and we cannot rush that. Maybe we are not ready for the amazing job that He has set for our lives. Because, the job that God has in mind for us is ten times better than the job that we want. We just have to be patient. In the mean time, we should strive to work harder on our skills and fine-tune them into skills that any employer would want to have in their company. Just remember that God is never done with us.

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