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The Popularity of Parental Public Forums

It is tough for parents, especially for the first time parents to know what is right for their baby and what is not. You do not like others poking their noses all the time, and you cannot call the pediatrician repeatedly for small things.

Of course, there are many books these days for guiding parents, and many parents start reading them as soon as they come to know that they are pregnant. These books are obviously very informative, but once you become parents, you tend to forget what to do when a particular situation shows up or what not to do because not all the experiences are same. Also, books are usually very general and only touch the main components in the baby’s development, and you might tend to feel that what you go through is not in any book or video.

Struggling for information

Parents have this strong urge to know everything especially mothers. The reason, of course, is affection for the baby, but another important reason is that they are too scared to harm the baby, so they want to be extra careful. Pediatricians are always the best resource to give you the right advice because they know your baby, they know what their needs, and they have solutions for every problem. The next in line after the doctor, are other parents who are in the same phase as you or already been there.

There is Always A Bright Morning After the Darkness

If you have doubts; ask the parents who have a daughter or son of your baby’s age. Having discussions and conversations with them would make you feel that you are not alone in this situation, and that they are millions of parents who are as ignorant, confused, and cautious as you are. There are ample of parental public forums online where parents from different places with kids of different age groups and who are having various problems come together to share, debate, and interact with each other regarding their child’s problems. This is a place where parents give advice or suggestions to other parents who might be facing the same problems.


Trust me, in the beginning years parents are worried about every little thing from whether the baby is having sufficient milk, how much should the baby weighs, and their sleeping patterns to the color and quantity of the baby’s poop; everything is a matter of concern for the parents. These forums help them to understand how serious these problems are and how common they are. Many parents come and share their experiences and wisdom and they are effective.

Personal Opinion

I refer to a lot of forums as I am a mother of a toddler and my phone has apps and search engine pages open if I want to find something. And these forums make you feel good. I would like to give an example here: I was very worried as people used to come and tell me that diaper rash is a very common phenomenon which occurs in every child’s life. I was almost prepared that my child too is going to have a rash one day. But then I went through one of these forums and found that there are certain foods that you should avoid for the baby in the first year like citrus and sour foods, excessive sugar, and salt. Also, change the diaper every 3-4 hours and do not keep on changing the diaper brands as they might not suit the baby. I followed all these advice, and my baby never had a diaper rash.The countless books I read did not inform me of preventative steps I could take. Had I not sign up for the several parental forums and apps I would had thought baby diaper rashes was inevitable.

Happy Baby, Happy Parent

In a way, it is always good to talk to people occasionally who might be in your situation. It helps a lot and will ease all your anxiety and discomfort. As long as your baby is concerned, knowledge is never sufficient so you might always want to ask or at least check whether you are doing things correctly or not. Besides, there are thousands of parents who are doubtful about certain things and you know the solution, which you can happily share. After all, knowledge, when shared, is always better, and by suggesting something good to other parents, you, on the other hand, are also becoming a better parent in the process. This is a boon for people like us because we are today’s parents, we panic every second, we want the best for our children, and we do not want to take any chances when our baby is concerned.

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