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How Poetry Writing Can Help You Feel Better

Writing a poem is a unique way of letting your feelings out, and can boost your well-being. Many can find poetry to be a creative outlet that fulfills a sense of emotional release and accomplishment.  Research has shown that the act of writing about emotional experiences has physiological and psychological benefits.

Here are some ways that poetry can help you during difficult times.

Putting your feelings into poetry or creative writing is like having your own outlet whenever you need to let feelings out.

If you’re a person who has a difficult time talking to others about something troubling, poetry is a great outlet. You are in control. You can write about your feelings and nobody needs to know. If you like others to know, you can do so in a more creative way. Sometimes conversing about a problem does not reach out the way you would like it to be. Sometimes figurative language in poetry can give someone a better understanding about your thoughts.

A metaphor can work with difficult feelings without revisiting trauma.

The beauty of poetry is using creative language to interpret a meaning or collected thought. Talking to others may have to require you to describe a traumatizing event. Poetry can allow you to describe it the way you would like, without being a painful reminder. This can make the piece inspirational to others, and motivating to the author.

Having a piece of writing to look back on reminds you of growth between now and the hard time.

As they say, “This too shall pass”. Keeping a diary or a journal will allow to look back and see your progress. It’s a rewarding experience to read and see how far you have come in life. Life always has its hardships and downfalls, but in some way, life gets better. Reading your past troubles and seeing yourself now can be a very accomplishing feel, and can only motivate you to doing well in future endeavors.

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