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Podcasts You Should Listen To On Your Commute

As the times evolve, radio is out and podcasts are in. With multitasking becoming one of millennial’s strengths, podcasts make it easier to enjoy a show while driving. Listening to podcasts is like catching up with an old friend; you will wonder why you haven’t done it sooner. There is a variety of new and popular podcasts to choose from these days.  Narrow your search with these three podcasts you should be listening to.


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Beautiful Stories From Anonymous People

This podcast is hosted by Chris Gethard, an actor, comedian, and writer. Beautiful Stories From Anonymous People is a mix of humor and honesty. This podcast is a one-hour phone conversation between Chris and random anonymous callers. The catch is that he can’t hang up before one hour. Chris has a brilliant way of asking the perfect questions that open the caller up to revealing shocking confessions and hidden secrets. Being anonymous allows people to talk about topics they can’t with anyone else. You’ll also hear deep discussions on the meaning of life that might feel relaxingly therapeutic. You won’t ever get bored on your commute again with this unexpected podcast!


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Modern Love

Being a hopeless romantic can be hard in a society where hook ups are the norm. Modern Love by WBUR and The New York Times is a podcast that features stories of love, loss, and redemption. They recruit actors, such as Emmy nominated actress Sarah Paulson, to perform entries from the New York Times column about all aspects of love. Each week showcases a different story. Stories range from ending a relationship that no longer serves you happiness to the heartbreak of an open adoption. Tune in each week to laugh, cry, or both at the audio of powerful events.


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Reply All

This podcast is from Gimlet Media and hosted by PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman. Reply All showcases stories revolving around people and the internet. It reflects on how we are shaped by the internet. This is a good listen if you like educational podcasts that make you think about society. The topics range from technology to human interest. One episode covered a man’s online blog written from prison. It began as an investigation surrounding his incarceration, then details about his murder case. Unlike other popular true crime podcasts, this one keeps it interesting by having one narrator and adds sprinkles of the hosts for a conversational feel.

Podcasts are not just for listening to on your commute. Let us know when or where you like to listen to podcasts below!

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