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As young people, we tend to be on the go a lot and as such we usually don’t tend to listen to live talk radio. Thankfully podcasts have been having a renaissance as of late, bringing talk radio like shows when you want it, wherever you want it.  As an avid podcast listener I tend to hear a lot of niche podcasts meant for specific audiences, but for the purposes of this article I’ll just mention 3 that are meant for general audiences. You should be able to find these on the iOS Podcast app or on any Podcast app for Android, and as always these podcasts are free of charge.




If you happen to go to a lot of dinner parties or host some yourself, The Dinner Party Download is your kind of podcast. Hosted by Rico Gagliano and Brendan Francis Newnam the podcast has a wide variety of topics from what people are talking about to the history of things and more. Each episode starts you off with a funny, if not cheesy, joke known as the Icebreaker. This kicks off the podcast and sets the scene for the rest of the episode. Plus throughout the episode you’ll feel like you’re at a dinner party with some special guests like Pharell Williams, Scarlett Johansson, Steve Martin, etc. Every episode there’s something new to learn about and enjoy, I can’t recommend this podcast enough for those just getting into the podcast trend.




From the minds at NPR, Invisibilia talks about human behavior to the fullest extent. Through real life stories hosts Lulu Miller and Alix Spiegel put you inside the mind of a different person every episode and guides you through their stories while asking the question “what makes them think this way?”, then later answering that question in a way that’ll make you think differently about the world around you. For as long as I’ve been listening to the podcast I can say that the stories are indeed very interesting and through this podcast I’ve seen things in a different light than what I normally do. If you ever wanted to have your mind blown about how you behave and why I highly suggest picking this up.



Curiosity is a powerful thing and the guys at HowStuffWorks took the idea of being curious about some the most craziest things and ran with it. In Stuff You Should Know (or SYSK for short) you learn about how something so big like dementia or something so small like passports work in great detail, with a hint of comedic sarcasm thrown in for fun. Hosts Charles (Chuck) Bryant and Josh Clark give your curiosity a energy jolt and keep doing it in every episode. One moment you could be learning about how auto-tune works, the next you could be learning about how Egyptian pyramids work! It’s different in every episode and it’s amazing how much you can learn. If you’re ever in the mood to feed your curiosity, this podcast is made for you.

If you’re just getting in to the podcast trend, these three should get you started on the right track. Of course there are niche podcasts meant for specific audiences depending on what you’re into which is one of the coolest things about podcasts: there’s something for everyone.

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