Plus Size Fashion On A Budget

As a plus-size woman, it may seem like having a fashion-forward wardrobe is impossible. Not to mention expensive. But, it’s not! We can have what we want on a budget. Weather in store, or online, you can shop into the right direction and the right stores. If you choose to buy online make sure to read reviews and check the sizing chart. Sign up for those percentage off offers and even store cards. Rewards points will be your wallet’s best friend!

Rainbow Shops

Rainbow Shops will be your best friend when it comes to your budget. They always have the latest trends and a few unique surprises. If you’re thinking fashion on a few bucks, look no further. Their basics are less than $10, some even less than $7! Many styles forward platforms have featured Rainbow. If you’re lucky enough to have a shop near you, they also have layaway. I promise you; you won’t need it unless you want to put down some gorgeous $40 PU leather jackets. If you have no such luck, they are always online. Even with a gift of free shipping over 50 dollar purchase and a 10% off as you sign up.

Forever 21

If a plus size wardrobe is what you’re after, Forever 21 always has something up their sleeve. Their plus merchandise is a winner. No plus size diva wants to look like their outfit matches their sofa prints. Forever 21 has the hottest styles for you. Get yourself a bomber jacket for $15! But if a fashion forward jacket is not your ideal budget, check out their sales! Their prices cut in half on most products! 10% off when you sign up online and free shipping with $50 or more online. However, the deals tab will have your back with many online savings. Forever 21 also has in store credit cards to help you stack rewards points and set up a new wardrobe!

Shoe Dazzle/Just Fab

Shoe Dazzle and Just Fab companies merged together but still run online separate. Although separate, they’re useful to your budget. You may have heard of them and are wondering “Why are we talking about shoes now?” Because these “shoe sites” have a selection of plus size apparel! When you sign up, you can get your first plus size treat for $10! And you get to choose what you want. The subscription saves you 30% off of retail on everything. You become a VIP member to start your savings and adding plus size fashions to your closet. Be sure to read the terms and conditions. Both sites work similarly with similar merchandise.


GSlove is a fantastic place for plus size fashionistas to parade around. They let you flaunt your sexy and sassy style. You can feel young, free, and prosperous here. Their prices are fit for any budget. If a 20 dollar sweater isn’t doing it for you, their sale on jeans around $13 should! You can earn free shipping on purchases over $50. Earn G-dollars with their in store cards! Points add up to more cash in your wallet. They have something for all “shapes and sizes for all ages”!

Charlotte Russe

Charlotte Russe has something for every plus size lady on a budget. Their sales are always happening on the cutest and latest clothing; whether you want to dress up or down and for any occasion. They always have the shoes and bag to match. Charlotte Russe has been around for many years and knows how to please with every new generation in mind. Get your online shopping done with free shipping with purchases over $50, or shipping as low as $5. There’s plenty of stores around so take a look in your town to start saving today!