Planning the Perfect Beach Day

With the sun still out and the weather hot as ever, the beach is the perfect place to be. When your friends come back in town for summer vacation, this is the time to plan the perfect beach day.

Get Organized

Call your friends in advance and tell them what date you plan on having a beach day. This way people can free up their schedules for a day of fun in the sun that could possible lead to a bonfire in the evening. Make sure that you have everything you need before heading out to the beach. Bringing essentials like sunscreen, blankets, umbrellas, and so forth can make your beach experience much more enjoyable.

Invite New Friends

The key to a perfect beach day is the union of your best buddies. Of course invite your signature circle of companions but this time have a couple of new friends tag along. Having new people meet and mingle is the best way to elevate the fun. Engage in conversation while you enjoy laying in the sun together. Take a walk along the oceanside or jump in and spend some time in the water. Whatever you do, if you have your friends by your side being at the beach will feel like a getaway.

Bring Food

With a basket full of goodies, reaching over and grabbing a bowl of fruit salad while soaking up the ocean breeze is a lot sweeter than leaving early to find food. Tell your party to bring a variety of snacks and you’ll have yourself a nice potluck spread of options for everyone. Keep it healthy by bringing fruit, veggies, and fresh juice.

Plan to Engage in Activities

Stop by the dollar store en route to the beach and pick up items like balls, nets, and sand castle buckets. When you arrive to the beach you have everything you need and can have a moment of fun by playing a numerous amount of games. You can even make them into a competition with girls vs. guys or by inviting other people on the beach to join in on the fun. Get creative and make up some games of your own by incorporating the sand and water.

Be Prepared to Explore

Being on the beach all day is amazing but there comes a point where you want to look for more things to do besides relax on the beach. Bring a change of clothes and shoes so that you can easily transition from beach babe to beach explorer. End your day by going to the pier or the bar for one last drink before saying goodbye to your friends.

The next time you plan a beach day, be prepared and incorporate some new things into your festivities. The more ready you are, the more fun you’ll have.

Let us know what you like to do to plan the perfect beach day below!