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Why Plaid Is Sill in Style

Benjamin Combs

Over the course of human history, many fashion trends have gone in and out of style. Many clothes have faded in and out of time’s grasp, altering style and design forever. From parachute pants to turtlenecks to platform shoes, each fashion style had its day in the sun except for one. Plaid is a fashion trend that never lost its appeal. The ancient fabric and pattern have cascaded through eras and trends but still, appeals to the masses. The question is, why? Why has plaid maintained popularity with so many different aged people? Here are some of the key reasons why the fabric is still running strong, and people are crazy about it.

Plaid is Versatile

There aren’t many things that are unisex in today’s fashion markets. Things are either designed for men or women, male or female. This limits the ability for genders to share styles and similar looks. With plaid, the options are endless for matching outside of our gender roles. Also, the tactile can be used in different social settings. Some plaid can be worn with a suit to add flavor to a formal outfit. It can also be worn with jeans and boots for a comfortable day around town. It can even be worn as a jacket for a back-to-basics look.

Associated with Royalty

When people see the familiar fabric, a plethora of things come to mind. For some, it’s the grunge days of the 80s. For others, they see plaid and think about nature and lumberjacks. However, the origins of the fabric started out as a thing called tartan. Tartan refers to the cloth patterns that distinguished different Scottish clans from another. From tartan emerged the fabric we know, love, and wear today. However we look at it, the popular pattern is soaked with history, both recent and ancient.

It’s Basic & Effective

Let’s face it: plaid is an excellent pattern to put on and go. As long as we have plain pants and shoes, the pattern will accentuate the entire outfit as a whole. While many articles of clothing are comfortable, there aren’t many that are as effective at fulfilling their roles. This is one of them, without a doubt. Here is an article talking about the pattern and its history with a little scholarly research thrown in.

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