The Pitfalls of Cyber Monday

Do you love Cyber Monday sales as much as I do?

Well, there’s one reason I don’t like them and it’s the online equivalent of trying to race through the stores to beat everyone else on Black Friday when the doors open early. I call it “The Empty Cart Syndrome.” Picture it: you’ve found the perfect gift and it’s at a remarkably low price. You click it and continue shopping. You finally add your last gift to the cart and go to check out and find that some of your items are already out of stock since you added them to your cart.

Nothing like frustration at 1 a.m. in the morning! Here’s what I’ve learned over the years of battling this Syndrome. Whenever you find that perfect gift, click quick and use a feature called “one click” if it’s available. That way your credit or debit card is automatically charged immediately and you know your item is safely yours.

Another way to handle this is to have your information all set up before you shop so that there’s no wasted time after finding the limited item to check out.

I highly suggest checking out immediately, especially if it’s a highly sought after gift. Yes, you may pay more in shipping, but if getting this present for someone is that important then a little extra for shipping for separate items should be okay, right?

Plus, if you have a free shipping benefit through Amazon or Wal-Mart this is a godsend technique.

I know the frustrations of Cyber Monday, but I’ve also navigated around it for so many years that it has become second nature. If you follow these guidelines,  you will be able to avoid the pitfalls of Cyber Monday a majority of the time.

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