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How To Pick Your Local Bar

The ball is kicked from the corner towards the players lurking in front of the goal. As it bends towards opposing players jockeying for position, a leaping player skillfully snaps his head, directing the ball to the back of the net. A calliope roar erupts as you high five people around you clinking your glasses in elation. You are at your local bar where you always watch your team play. The place where you get immersed in political and philosophical discussions with your friends, acquaintances who are gradually becoming friends and strangers. Like the MacLarens to the characters of How I Met Your Mother or Cheers on Cheers. How did this particular bar become your special place? Whether consciously, out of necessity or by natural progression there are certain reasons why you chose one specific establishment to be your local bar.


The proximity of the establishment to your home is key. If you live in a city, you have many bars to chose from. But if your home is in a suburban locale a pub might be picked due to the scarcity of viable destinations. Either way, it is ideal if the location is obliging for you to walk home after a late night.


The bar should accommodate your drinks of choice. If you are a beer drinker, you probably frequent an establishment that pours a wide selection of beers. Or if cocktails and mixed concoctions are your preferred drinks then the menu should reflect that. The food menu should also bestow upon the bar an appeal for your palatable desires that complement the beverages in your grasp.


The atmosphere of the bar has to coincide with your interests. At least a subset of its patrons should match your demography. The general character of the establishment from ambiance to background music should be partial to your tastes. It is beneficial to find a good rapport with the regular clientele of the bar. You are bound to have many interactions with them. If you are new to a city, it is also advantageous to find an establishment where the patrons and the staff converse in your language. 


Everyone wants to go to places where they feel welcome. The hospitality of a meritorious staff ensures that all customers feel at ease while at the bar. Friendly conversations and attentiveness to your requests are attributes associated with bar staff that is usually held in high regard.


Many patrons frequent bars for socializing as much as for entertainment. Watching sports or playing bar games with your friends are some forms of entertainment. Some like the backdrop of a large TV screen always tuned to a channel spewing sports highlights continuously while others may enjoy a game of pool or darts while having the freedom to choose the music being played on a jukebox. 

“Sometimes you want to go, Where everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came.” sings the theme of Cheers. Those of you who have a local bar know exactly what those words represent. Next time you are hobnobbing with the regulars raise your glasses and pay homage to your local bar.


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