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    How to Beat Rosacea & Redness

    Anyone with rosacea or redness-prone skin understands how irritating a strawberry colored face can be. When your face is inflamed, it becomes red. Sometimes, coating on loads of foundation is the only way to have a red-free skin color. However, there are certain self-care steps you can take to lessen the redness and have a healthier complexion. Here are some tips.

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    Important Vitamins & Supplements You Should Take

    Health is not solely about how much you run, or the weight you can lift. Eating healthy is important as well. But even the best diet struggles to get all of the vital nutrients you need. Here are the vitamins and supplements you should be taking: Fish Oil Fish oil does not contain your standard…

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    Faith Through Grief

    There are times in our lives where faith is strong, and where faith is weak. Grief can have a way of making our faith weak. I grew up in a strong Christian family.  Both of my parents were active in the church, and our religion was a daily part of life.  As a child, just…

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    What Role Will Robots Play In the Future?

    It can be challenging to realize the positive qualities you have when living in a society that tells you to you hate the person you are. However, it is imperative that you learn to love yourself because living a life filled with self-worth and self-love is the most magnificent life you can live.