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    A Brief History of Action Sports

    Life doesn’t always present us with heart-pounding excitement. Living can sometimes turn dull or boring, and this can get under our skin quite a bit. When living becomes safe, repetitive, or stale, we as human beings need some risk, adrenaline, and danger to remind ourselves of how fragile life can be.

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    3 #GirlBoss Books You Need to Read This Year

    If you’re working on your side hustle ’til the break of dawn and surviving off caffeine alone, I’d say you’re part of an exclusive club called The #GirlBoss. Most times, your inner determination motivates you to keep going. But, sometimes you need a little extra boost to remind yourself you can do it. We get it!…

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    The Positve & Negatives of Expectations vs. Reality

    Have you ever daydreamed about a particular event, or fantasized about what this day is going to be like? But, then the day or event comes everything falls apart. Everything you hoped to happen didn’t happen. And your expectations get hit with this thing called, reality. Reality starts to sink in and now it seems like your world is falling apart. But, it’s for sure not.

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    Why You Should Be in Love in a Time When it’s Unpopular

    How it is to be in love; magical isn’t it? The feeling of seeing the one you love smile. The joy of simply being with them. The ecstasy of knowing you love them and that they love you. It makes you wonder how someone could not want to be in love. In today’s time, it seems as though many people of the new generations do not favor love. Instead, they believe we should go around and play the market, breaking hearts left and right.