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    10 Classic Books You Should Read

    Even if you’re not a fan of classic literature, chances are you’ve read a few classic books. Literary giants like Jane Austen and Shakespeare often find their way into high school curriculum and college reading lists. Although Pride and Prejudice and Hamlet may be very important reads, they may not be to everyone’s taste.

  • Home, Living

    Planting Sweet Peas

    Sweet peas are annual flowers introduced to England, in the 17th Century, and originating in Sicily. They come in a wide variety of colors and have been a fragrant addition to the English cottage garden since. They are still popular in the US and across the UK.

  • Inspirational, Life

    How to Rediscover Yourself 

    Sometimes, we go through life trying to get through the day only to wake up to a new, unappreciated one. We often lead a life that has little meaning to us. When there is no passion or zest for life, we often just trudge through the day. We have no actual reason to put forth an effort. Living a life where I do not look forward to tomorrow is not a typical life I want to live.

  • Beauty, Fashion

    How to Look Prim & Ready at All Times

    How do you look fashionable when you are always fashionably late? Just remembering to wash your face in the morning seems like a luxury as you head out the door. With a million things to do, fashion and beauty do not make it to your priority list and yet you find yourself wincing over your stylistic faux pas, wistfully dreaming of one day looking like Grace Kelly.

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    Young Author Books You Should Read

    Though we are living in a world with non-stop growing technology, people have not stopped reading books. Books have been around for decades and there’s definitely no stopping them. However, books that are written for young adults from authors (also known as young authors).

  • Food

    The Most Memorable Restaurants Of My Life

    One of my favorite past times is going to a nice restaurant and eating delicious foods. There’s nothing like finding a great restaurant to share with your friends and family. There are so many restaurants to choose from it can sometimes be a hassle to know what restaurants are worth trying. The restaurant’s people often enjoy are the ones that have great food, service, and prices.