• Life

    9 Healthy Reasons You Should Get A Pet

    Have you ever felt you need another friend? Interested in adopting a pet? There are different reasons on why you should get a pet. Going to an animal shelter will help you find a friend that you been looking for. Also, you will be helping an animal from a shelter to live in a home that they been wanting for a while.

  • Faith

    Can You Really Get Born Again By Accepting Christ?

    In life there are many questions about how the world came about and if God really does exist. Whether you are a believer in God or not it’s not always easy to have faith. Faith is defined by the total and complete trust in something that has not been seen. You are taught that regardless of what kind of life you’ve led by accepting Christ you are born again.

  • Life, National Days

    Why You Should Wear Pink Today

    The world that we live in today can be cruel. Did you know that on February 26 makes the day that millions of people stand together against anti-bullying? The Pink Shirt Day was developed in the spring of 2007 in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia by two young men by the name of Travis Price and David Sheppard where one of their classmates was being bullied by wearing pink to school.