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    Preventing the Flu

    Every year thousands of people become hospitalized and even have died, as the result of the flu. We must be ready for it and begin flu prevention. According to the CDC, the virus is usually in season from early October to late May. This article will provide you the tools necessary to stay vigilant against the flu virus.

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    How Stress Effects Every Part of Your Body

    When it comes to life there are always problems and challenges that we’re faced with. It’s really inevitable that stress will enter your life one way or another. However, knowing the effects stress has on every part of the body, will help relieve it.

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    Why Registered Dietitians Are Saying Not to Trust Meal Prep Companies

    There are staggering numbers of Meal Prep Companies in the market today. For instance, bistroMD is a meal preparation service targeted towards people who want to lose weight, Per-Made Paleo is for Paleo dieters, Bite Meals for fitness and bodybuilding lovers, and I am not even scratching the surface. However, a video by registered dietitian Kara Corey makes me question the legitimacy of such businesses.