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    Your 2017 Holiday Bucket List

    With the holidays quickly approaching, seasonal festivities are soon to begin. Finding exciting activities to do this holiday season can be a challenge; however below, I have your perfect 2017 Holiday Bucket List with unique and traditional ideas. I have created a list of thirty fun and exciting holiday-inspired activities for you to check off your list this holiday season! Check it out at the end of the article. 

  • Planning Your Workout Split

    Things to Consider Before Planning Your Workout Split

    One of the most rewarding and beneficial things you can do before heading out to destroy your gym sessions is to have a well-designed workout split. This will not only help you stay on track, but it will also make your workouts exciting and fun. I learned the importance of splits from my years as a personal trainer and from training myself. Before you start planning your workout split, read these useful tips to help you create a program that works for you.