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Organization Is Key

Organization in a home can be overwhelming. It is best to think about the task of organizing in compartments, both literally and figuratively. You won’t feel as overwhelmed once you break it into bite size pieces. Let’s consider some of the messiest spots in the house.

The Kitchen

We are well aware the kitchen has a lot of stuff that needs to go in it. No matter how large (or small) your kitchen, you will never have enough space for everything that needs to go into it unless you organize it appropriately. Keeping a kitchen tidy requires due diligence and a bit of practice. Often times your first try positioning things will more than likely change once you become accustomed or acquire new things. Always be mindfully placing things and never just throw things into the cupboard or drawer; just because its tucked away does not mean its organized.

The Junk Drawer

A drawer that can definitely get away from itself is often the junk drawer. Things are always being thrown into it because it’s the excuse to organization; the scapegoat if you will. Many people throw in scissors, screw drivers, or glue. The trick to organizing here is to buy some inexpensive drawer organizers. The best and most affordable ones can be found in the office supply aisle at any large retailer, i.e. Walmart. They are interchangeable and just hook together. They allow for you to shift them depending on your drawer size. I’ve also used these as a tool to organize my utensil drawer.

The Counters

It is important to remember when organizing the kitchen to keep flat surfaces free of clutter and give everything a designated spot. You don’t want to leave the counters completely bare because then your kitchen will look uninviting. Instead make sure the items you use all of the time are easily accessible. For example, if you make smoothies every day, be sure to have your blender out and ready for you to use. This same principle can be applied to the notoriously messy refrigerator. It is hard to refrain from hanging important notes and reminders on the fridge, but keeping it clear will really add to the minimalism of your kitchen. Instead designate a message center spot in your kitchen. This will enable better functioning for all family members and a clutter free fridge.

The Entryway

This is another spot in the home that is highly likely to fill up fast. Everyone comes in and immediately drops their shoes, book bags, purses, gym bags, keys, etc. This room must include careful organization tactics to avoid an overflow of items. A key component to decluttering this area is to include a bench with baskets or hang up hooks. This will help to eliminate the need for jackets and other items to fall victim of the floor. You can also consider repurposing crates, bins, or boxes as a purposeful method to catching things like mittens, hats, and shoes.

It is easy to let the task of organization get misplaced far beneath your many other tasks and to-do lists. Organization does require maintenance and should be done almost daily to be effective. Devote just a few minutes each day to ditching the clutter and putting things back where they belong. Your life will be so much easier thought once you’ve achieved an optimally organized home. Eventually you will be conditioned to things placed properly and will feel dysfunctional if anything becomes misplaced.

Check out Good Housekeeping for more organization tips.


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