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Options at Coffee Shops When You Hate Coffee

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Coffee is a quintessential beverage to be had amongst friends and loved ones. You wake up in the morning, and drink a cup to ensure you’ll survive the remainder of the day. You go to the local coffee shop and sip a latte while studying or discussing the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy; it’s tradition.

So, what are you to do when you hate the core of this tradition that people call coffee? What should you do when you live in a world made up of Pumpkin Spice Lattes and designer Keurigs? Here are a variety of options designed to save you from the awkward request of water from the barista.

Non-Coffee Hot Drinks

Holy Hot Chocolate

If you’re lucky enough to be experiencing 60-degree weather, hot chocolate is the perfect remedy to warm you up. If you’re pretending you’re in 60-degree weather by turning your AC down as far as you’re willing to go, you can also pretend you’re in need of warming up. Hot chocolate is a classic for a reason, so traditional is always going to be delicious. However, you can also choose to spice up this tradition with a tab of spice here or a splash of syrup there. Live life on the wild side by choosing Salted Caramel, Peppermint, or White Chocolate.

Sensational Steamers

Perhaps an unheard of option by most, steamers are the perfect pick-me-up for those that dread espresso, but also don’t want to drown themselves in chocolate. Steamers are a combination of steamed milk and the additions of your choice. It’s a latte without the coffee – a dream come true for some. You can choose to make your steamer caramel flavored, or you can succumb to the fall weather and choose a pumpkin spice flavor.

Hallelujah Hot Tea

Similar to coffee, hot tea is not for everyone. However, those that do enjoy this soothing treat are well aware of its benefits – from the calming elements to the low sugar and caffeine. It warms you up and, depending on your choice of tea, can either pump you up with energy or sooth you with warmth and a hint of sweetness. You can choose from the variety of options available at your coffee store, from black to green to white to oolong

Non-Coffee Cold Drinks

Incredible Iced Tea

If it’s the middle of August, you’re not in the mood for anything close to hot or steamy. You’re on a journey for the taste of something refreshing and cool; something we southerners will always turn to – iced tea. If you’re really from the south, you’ll ask yours with sugar and a little tea on the side. Just like the hot variety, you can make a decision on the type of tea you fancy, and then just ask for it iced.

Fantastic Frappuccino

For coffee drinkers, Frappuccinos are the perfect alternative to their traditional option. However, if the scent of coffee beans causes your insides to shiver, there is something to be done. You could order a Vanilla Bean Frap, which will have you sighing in sweet serenity. You could also be a bit adventurous and enjoy a Green Tea Frap, which combines the light flavor of green tea with the luscious vibrancy of matcha. It’s an option that will provide you with energy, and help to curb that sweet tooth.

Perfect Patisserie

While you may not be able to drink this option, you can definitely still enjoy the sweet ecstasy of each bite. Most coffee shops also moonlight as small bakeries, and they know no one is complaining. After all, what could be more perfectly paired besides a cup of coffee (or hot tea/hot chocolate) and cookies, brownies, or specialty breads? Your options are limited to what your coffee shop provides, but feel free to try a variety of combinations and see which ones call to your inner cookie monster.

There is a final option for those that want to enjoy the environment of coffee shops, but who hate coffee.

Just enjoy it – absorb the soft music, free Wi-Fi, and whispers from happy customers. You can hang out with friends, get some studying done, or just binge watch a couple episodes of your favorite show. Coffee shops are havens away from the hectic lives we all live, so maybe it’s time we all just forget about the coffee and enjoy the moment.

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