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Online Job Hunting Tips

Job hunting online is, among other things, are impersonal, grueling, and long. Often you apply to several jobs and never hear anything back, or you have no idea where to start looking. Paper applications are now almost entirely obsolete, so it’s important to polish your online persona. Before you apply anywhere, I highly suggest updating and perfecting your resume. After you have that taken care of, feel free to implement any of the following processes to help your search.

Focus on A Particular Position

Do you have an idea of what you’re looking for? It’s okay to be open, but knowing the desired position beforehand will help narrow down your search. Try brainstorming what it is you want to look for, and you can go from there.

Create A Persona

Make a Linkedin account and make your visible social media accounts seem professional. Potential employers and recruiters seek out people that they want for the position and therefore, they’re on the lookout. Make yourself seem as proper, savvy, and qualified as possible.

Tailor Your Resume

As mentioned above, your resume is of the utmost importance. If you find a job posting you’re keen to apply to, read the posting closely for the main words, and sure to include those words in your resume. Employers know what they want, and they word their postings meticulously. Make sure your resume aligns with what they want.

Keep at It

I mean it when I say: always be applying. Apply to several jobs every day. When I was unemployed, I set daily goals for at least five applications per day. The sad truth is, for every resume you put out there, you’re pitted up against hundreds to thousands of other applicants. Therefore, more often than not, your resume is tossed aside. Apply, apply, apply. The more things you try for, the higher the likelihood you’ll have.

In conclusion, job hunting online is difficult. It’s hard to sell yourself when you don’t have a voice, but that’s where your resume comes in. Know what you’re looking for, search for ways to make yourself stand out, and present yourself as someone worth hiring. Be creative and aggressive. The process is painful and degrading, but don’t let up. You’ll hook that interview soon enough.

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